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    Director of Le Lombard since 1992, he has worked as a writer in Thorgal, Blake et Mortimer, Le Janitor,...

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    Séries principalesdeàRôle
    Black cotton star2019
    Blake et Mortimer (Divers)2008
    Blake et Mortimer (Les Aventures de)20002020
    Cinq branches de coton noir20172018
    Janitor (Le)20072017
    Mademoiselle J.20172020
    Spirou défenseur des droits de l'homme2019
    Thorgal (Edition Spéciale 30 ans d'aventures)2007
    Thorgal (Les mondes de)20122013
    Thorgal (Les mondes de) - Kriss de Valnor20102014
    Vengeance du Comte Skarbek (La)20042005
    Blake and Mortimer (The Adventures of)20102019
    Blake e Mortimer (Aventuras de) (en portugais)20002019
    Blake en Mortimer (Diverse)2008
    Blake en Mortimer (Uitgeverij Blake en Mortimer)20002019
    Blake und Mortimer (Die Abenteuer von)20002020
    Blake y Mortimer (Las Aventuras de)20002015
    Guardião (O) - Agente Secreto do Vaticano20202022
    Thorgal (en néerlandais)20072010
    XIII (en anglais)2015
    XIII (en espagnol)20142015
    XIII (Público/ASA - Album duplo)20142015

    Yves Sente was born in Uccle in the suburbs of Brussels. Scriptwriter of successful comic book series and pillar of the Médias Participations group, he continues to cover covers such as Blake and Mortimer, Thorgal and soon XIII, while carrying out more personal projects such as the Janitor whose T.3 was published this winter or the Revenge of Count Skarbek, a full version of which was published in December. Raised in his youth by the classics of Franco-Belgian comics, Yves Sente studied management and law in Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve and Chicago. After graduating, he joined the Éditions du Lombard where he became editor-in-chief of several magazines in 1991, joined the management committee in 1992 and was appointed editorial director in 1993. Petits Délires and Portail that the publisher has now decided to stop to focus on the main brand. In 2008, he left this position to take the less absorbing title of literary director. Since 1999, he has ventured into the profession of comic book scriptwriter. He is thus selected for the continuation of the Blake and Mortimer series alternately with Jean Van Hamme and signs four episodes. In addition, he was chosen as the successor to Jean Van Hamme, of whom he is almost a neighbor, for the Thorgal series. His first triptych will end at the end of 2010. Finally, he is working on a sequel to the XIII series with William Vance. In 2007, he launched with François Boucq a thriller in the Catholic world the Janitor whose T.3 was released last November. With Grzegorz Rosinski he also signed the diptych in the field of painting in the 19th century the Vengeance of Count Skarbek which has just been released in its entirety. Yves Sente is pursuing a fine career in the 9th art at his own pace. Text and photo © Manuel F. Picaud


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