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Yvel's artwork started appearing in published form for Voyager Communications' Valiant Comics in 1992. HIs early break into the comic the book industry came just 1 year into art school. A home bred artist with natural talent in drawing and painting anything from animals, monsters, humans, superheroes, robots, cartoons and landscapes. Studies in illustration and communications design gave Yvel room to hone his storytelling ability while learning the ropes with major comic book veterans he met at Valiant such as Barry Windsor Smith, Don Perlin and Bob Layton. In 1998 just one year after finishing school and then changing focus from from independent comic projects Yvel was brought on to work with DC Comics. Fast tracking onto numerous Batman titles and then introducing his own creator owned teen superhero miniseries into the DCU called “The Relative Heroes” and eventually working up to the critically acclaimed first appearance of the Batman DC Animated Universe Harley Quinn character. Heading into different creative corners in the years to come and never at a loss for growth as an artist Yvel has tried his hand at more mediums leading into inking his own work and 3D digital art. Known for his work on DC's Aquaman, Justice League, Legion Worlds, Man of Steel, StormWatch and Trinity of Sin. Recent indie projects with SpaceGoat Comics "Evil Dead2" Howling, Legendary comics “Pacific Rim”, Godzilla Awakening”, Dark Horse "ArchEnemies" and Pinwheel Press "Man of God" should not be overlooked.

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