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Yuzuki is the heroine and major love-interest in Seo Kouji's slice-of-life and romantic comedy series, A Town Where You Live(aka Kimi no iru Machi). She goes on to make cameos in Seo's other series, Princess Lucia, Fuuka & Hitman.

Character Description

Despite having spent most of her life in Tokyo, Yuzuki moved to her father's old hometown in Hiroshima to attend highschool. Moving in with her father's old friends the Kirishimas her presence was initially a great discomfort to their shy, reserved son Haruto who was the same age as her. Uncomfortable around strangers, and anxious that having a girl his age living with him would give people the wrong impression, Haruto was less than welcoming to begin with, though Yuzuki took this in her stride.

Before long it became obvious that the two made up for one another's strengths and weaknesses. While Yuzuki was sociable and understood people, which she used to help Haruto open up to others, she was hopelessly clumsy, while Haruto was responsible and reliable so he could help her when she needed taking care of. It was also quite apparent that Yuzuki liked Haruto as more than just friends, though his romantic interests, at least initially, lay elsewhere.

Despite her apparent lack of common sense, Yuzuki is academically very capable, and later determines to become a teacher.


Yuzuki Eba is created by Kouji Seo who has no information regarding any inspiration used to create her.


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