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    Yuzu Kurosaki is the older fraternal twin of Karin Kurosaki, the younger sister of Ichigo and daughter of Isshin and the late Masaki Kurosaki. Yuzu is a student and part-time nurse at her father's medical clinic. It has been hinted that she has very limited ability to detect reiatsu.

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    Age:           13
    Height:      137 cm (4' 6'')
    Weight:     31 kg (68 lbs)


    Yuzu generally has a carefree personality.  She has a number of maternal characteristics such as maintaining the cohesion of her family and doing the cooking, but she remains child-like in the expression of her emotions and her relations with others.


     Prior to the beginning of Bleach, having lost her mother at her young age, having a child-like father, and having a brooding and distant older brother, Yuzu and her sister were forced to mature early.  Both have demonstrated themselves to be capable of performing all the chores required to maintain their home and their father's medical clinic.


    She has been shown to be a competent cook and it is assumable that she possess some medical skills, having assisted her father for a number of years at his medical clinic.
    She has not demonstrated any extra-ordinary martial arts or physical talents.  Her spiritual powers seem to be limited to a vague and infrequent ability to detect some reiatsu.  Unlike her sister, Karin, Yuzu seems to not have any potential to grow in her ability to use reiatsu nor does she seem to pay particular attention to spiritual events around her.  She has expressed some infrequent jealousy of her sister's powers.

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