Yukon Jack

    Character » Yukon Jack appears in 26 issues.

    Former member of Alpha Flight and husband of teammate Snowbird.

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    While it has never been proven, Yukon Jack claims to have received his powers because he is a demigod. Yukotujakzurjimozoata is the heir apparent to the Turpalurpatodian tribe; an ancient civilization that lives in the village of Kemteron, hidden in the wilds of Canada. His father Makkamakkamaktsptoo has occupied the throne of their people for thousands of years, but predicts that the throne will fall to Yukotujakzurjimozoata.


    Yukon Jack is a Marvel comics character created by Scott Lobdell and Clayton Henry and first appeared in Alpha Flight Vol.3 issue 1 (2004).

    Major Story Arcs

    Alpha Flight

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    While Dr. Walter Langkowski (Sasquatch) is drafting members for a new Alpha Flight team, he approaches Yukotujakzurjimozoata to join. Yukotujakzurjimozoata turns down the request, stating that he cares nothing for the world outside of his village. Langkowski, however, is in a desperate situation, and desperate times call for desperate measures, so Langkowski pays Makkamakkamaktsptoo a large sum of money to drug his son. Makkamakkamaktsptoo is pleased with the arrangement, believing Yukotujakzurjimozoata will benefit from exposure to the outside world and that it will help him to "grow up." He is given the codename "Yukon Jack" by Langowski.

    With the rest of Langkowski's new Alpha Flight, Yukon Jack proceeds to rescue the original members of the team from their imprisonment aboard an alien Plodex spaceship, after which the original members of Alpha Flight decide to transport the Plodex eggs they found aboard the spacecraft back to the Plodex home world. Yukon Jack stays on as a member of Langkowski's new Alpha Flight.

    A glimpse into the future reveals Jack and Snowbird eventually marry and rule Kemteron together.

    The Collective

    Yukon Jack leaves Alpha Flight when the original members return, so he is not present during the fight against The Collective, in which many of his former teammates die.

    Powers and Abilities

    Yukon Jack can telekinetically manipulate the bone pieces which normally rest over his body. He can also emit light from his hands and is immune to extreme temperatures and exposure to the elements.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 6'2"
    • Weight: 310 lbs
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Black


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