Yujiro Hanma

    Character » Yujiro Hanma appears in 6 issues.

    Yujiro Hanma, the son of Yuchiro Hanma and father of Baki and Jack Hanma. Also known as the Also known as The Worlds Strongest Creature, Yujiro has achieved unparalleled levels of strength and power, to the point where even governments such as the United States government, has a friendship treaty with him.

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    He is the father of the main character, Baki Hanma, and Jack Hanma.

    List of styles Yujiro Hanma has fought and won against.

    1. Brazilian Jinjitsu
    2. Judo
    3. Different Forms of Karate
    4. Akido
    5. Taekwondo
    6. Street Fighting
    7. Jujutsu
    8. Sumo wrestling
    9. Military Fighting tactics
    10. Boxing
    11. Chinese Kung Fu
    12. Muay Thai
    13. Chinese Kungfu
    14. Israeli Krav Maga
    15. Kickboxing
    16. The Forces of Nature itself (Plausible because he stopped an earthquake with a punch).
    17. Greek/Roman Wrestling

    The Origin of the Ogre shaped back muscle:

    Yujiro Hanma got this on his back when he stopped fighting for survival and instead for pleasure and amusement, the Ogre's symbolism is bloodlust usually Yujiro reveals this when is going in for the kill.

    Yuujiro single-handedly conquering the USA:

    The face of an Ogre shaped on Yujiro's back muscle.
    The face of an Ogre shaped on Yujiro's back muscle.
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    at the age of 16, Yuujiro raised a war on the United States, and won, which gave him significant political authority. He later on made the President, Jorge bush, his personal Driver.

    Powers and Abilities:

    • Xiao Lee: a technique that reverses blunt force directly back to the striker.
    • Strength: Although a human being, the upper limit of human potential in this manga is insane. Yuujiro as the strongest human took down an adult elephant with H2H melee combat.
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    • Durability: Yuujiro tanked a lightning bolt without blinking, or stopping while walking.
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