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    A precocious Wutai youth, Yuffie considers herself a skilled warrior even from the age of nine. Her disdain for Shinra was fashioned in the events of the Wutai war. Thus with a strong sense of patriotism, Yuffie seeks to counterbalance the power of Shinra as it invades her homeland.

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    Yuffie appeared in the video game Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, Kingdom Hearts I and II, and the CGI movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.


    Yuffie is a skilled ninja and self-proclaimed materia hunter.  She uses a giant throwing shuriken as a weapon.

    Yuffie was first seen when she encountered Cloud and his team in the forest playing countless tricks on them, when she was finally beaten she decides to join there quest to stop Shinra so she can save her own town of Wutai in Midgar.  Yuffie steals the teams materia and runs away to Wutui and plays many tricks on them to get rid of them when she encounters Don Corneo she is saved by Cloud and decides to give the materia back. 

    On one quest, she must prove herself to Godo her father by beating the bosses of Wutai's five story Pagoda, including her father.  After she beats them, her father asks Cloud to take Yuffie with him on his adventure to stop Shinra, and they get the Leviathan materia.

    After the fall of Shinra, Yuffie joins the World Regenesis Organization and helps Vincent Valentine infiltrating the Mako Reactor Zero in the ruins of Midgar and shutting it off while Vincent defeats members Deepground. 

    Kingdom Hearts

    Yuffie appears in Kingdom Hearts first seen in Traverse Town after the battle between Sora and Squall (Who was going by the name Leon). Along with him, Cid and Aerith, she fights to defeat the Heartless who had destroyed their worlds.  Yuffie is also seen in the Olympus Coliseum in an a optional fight with Leon. In Kingdom Hearts II Yuffie aids Leon and the others as part of the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, this time appearing in her Advent Children attire. During the ending, we see Yuffie giving a ice cream to Cid while Yuna and Paine and Rikku stole hers, making the ninja run after them.


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