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After Yusuke Urameshi grounds a "flighty" Jin for good, Team Urameshi should be one step closer to victory. But thanks (more like no thanks) to a pervading conspiracy among the organizers of the Dark Tournament, Team Urameshi's plate is wiped clean of soldiers left to fight in the twisted event.

Meanwhile, Genkai formally reveals herself to Yusuke and gives him the final test to be the sole heir to her formidable technique--a concentrated ball of aura! But due to the conditions surrounding his "second life," Yusuke must be ready and able to inherit the technique...or he dies!

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 73 - An Unexpected Defeat?!
  • Chapter 74 - The Eleventh Hour!!
  • Chapter 75 - The Underworld Beast!!
  • Chapter 76 - The Face Under the Mask
  • Chapter 77 - The Huge Ordeal!!
  • Chapter 78 - The Top Four!!
  • Chapter 79 - Hiei Fights Again!!
  • Chapter 80 - The Invincible Beast Armor!!
  • Chapter 81 - When the Magic Box Opens!!

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