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The Final Match Begins


The Dark Tournament Saga begins to come to a close with the final match between Team Urameshi and Team Toguro. Problems first arise once both teams are short one man for the final match. Eventually team Togoro enlists Sakyo and Yusuke's team brings in a cowardly Koenma. Sakyo also reveals his plans of opening a giant portal to Demon world which would throw the  human world into chaos. With losing not being an option, Team Urameshi fights their hardest to win the finals of the tournament.

My Thoughts

This is one of my favorite volumes of manga ever. You get to witness two Epic fights between Hiei and Bui, and Kurama and karasu. Kuwabara also gets a chance to prove himself as a team member with his astonishing duel between the older Toguro. 


 Anyone who is a fan of Yu Yu Hakusho this is a must have. For those just getting into the series I would recomedn that you go a few volumes back before reading this one

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