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Yu-Huang is the ruler of the Xian or the Chinese gods. He is mostly known to humans as Jade Emperor ruler of heaven.


 He was born a benevolent mortal king after the purging of the elder gods. He lived a live of benevolence to others and spiritually cultivated himself.  His activities prompted Yuanshi Tiazun, the previous ruler of heaven,  to give him immortality and make him his assistant. Once Taizun left he became a full fledged god and was made . He promotes or demotes other gods based on their performances and administers heaven, earth and hell. He met with fellow godheads to discuss  the threat posed by the third host of the extra terrestrial Celestials..

In modern times he lent the thunder god Thor part of the power necessary to restore his fellow Asgardians to life who fell in battle against the Celestials.  He also was among the Godheads who judged Thor unworthy to succeed Odin as part of the Council Elite.

Occupation: Supreme Administrator of  heaven
Place of birth: The Pure blissful kingdom of lofty heavenly lights and ornaments (somewhere in modern china)
Known Relatives: Xi Wangmu (wife), King of Pure blissful kingdom of lofty heavenly lights and ornaments  (father, deceased), Empress of Precious Moonlight (mother, deceased)

Height: 6’
Weight: 325 lbs
Eyes: brown


As the skyfather of the Xian, Yu Huang can manipulate massive amounts of cosmic and magical energy for nearly any purpose.  He can create energy shields, force blasts, and travel between dimensions among numerous other uses.  As a god he is virtually immortal.  He does not age and cannot die from mortal poisons, disease, or other common forms of death or injury.  If he is injured he will heal superhumanly fast.
 It is unknown how his energy powers compare to other godheads like Odin or Zeus.

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