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The diabolical Player Killer, a collectible-card-gaming assassin, challenges Yugi to a duel! In the shadow of the "Castle of Dark Illusions" card, an army of lurking monsters hungers to steal Yugi's life points...and, if he loses, his actual life! But across the ocean in Japan, an even greater gaming force has been awakened. Kaiba, Yugi's number one rival, is back. Back to reclaim his fortune...back to get revenge on Pegasus...and back to make sure that this time when he fights Yugi, he wins!

Chapter Titles

  • Duel 20: Time's Mark!!
  • Duel 21: The Man Who Came with the Night
  • Duel 22: The Invisible Cards
  • Duel 23: Defeat the Darkness
  • Duel 24: Swords of Light
  • Duel 25: A Storm in the Kingdom
  • Duel 26: Duelist's Honor
  • Duel 27: The Secret Weapon
  • Duel 28: The Terror of Pegasus







Story Arcs

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