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    Ysanne Isard earned her unofficial title of “IceHeart” through her cruel misdoings. Cold-Blooded beyond any belief, with a side of vileness left over. She has on chilly ice blue eye which can freeze even the warmest of souls. She also has a fire red eye, that can burn through the steel hardened nerves of even the most stern of warriors or generals.

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     Ysanne Isard earned her unofficial title of “IceHeart” through her cruel misdoings. Cold-Blooded beyond any belief, with a side of vileness left over. She has one chilly ice blue eye which can freeze even the warmest of souls. She also has a fire red eye, that can burn through the steel hardened nerves of even the most stern of warriors or generals.

    Ysanne’s father Armand. Was the republic’s director of intelligence during the early years of the wicked Chancellor Palpatine’s term. Armand was promoted to chief of imperial intelligence shortly after the clone wars in which the republic became the Empire. This was when Armand first began training his daughter Ysanne to become a field operative. The new orders of the Emperor led to many revolts and traitors, that all needed to be promptly found , and efficiently exterminated before they could rise against the Empire. And under the new regime of the Empire the Isard family held far more power than they had ever held at any point during the time of the Republics reign. Ysanne quickly became the definition of the perfect field agent, she was everything that was asked of an employee of the Empire, She was cold, calculated, hate fueled, and blood thirsty. And further more she never once used her relationship to her father Armand as a excuse, or a means of an easy way out. But she did have his passion, his passion and fiery ambitions. The staple member of the Isard family, even above her higher ranking father. She was the standard to which all Empire members are held. This ingenious behavior led her to form her own independent alliances within the heart of the sinister empire. Even behind her own fathers back, she continued to form these alliances to further her career with the Empire, and ascend the “metaphoric” ladder of power.

    Prior to the Battle of Yavin, the Death Star was being planned and built on a construction site at Despayre. It was early in the Death Star’s development when, a group of Rebellion Spies, succeeded in obtaining a Datapack containing the coordinates of the under-development Death Star at Despayre. Armand Isard commanded his Daughter, and  a small team of Storm Troopers to intercede the delivery runners of the rebellion, that were in possession of said Datapack. CorSec Officer Hal Horn ran into Ysanne on this planet, and Ysanne by order of the Empire forced him to aid her in the retrieval mission.  However even with the aid of Horn she and her Troopers failed to complete the mission by a narrow margin of error, she was utterly embarrassed by this failure, commandeering a Troopers rifle, and killing him with it to relieve her frustrations.

    Upon this failure, she made her return to Empire home world Coruscant. Fearing the worst she headed directly to the execution chamber to receive her death penalty, the Empire’s punishment for failure. However, it was not to be. Once on the planet her father informed her that despite her, failure, she was still for the time being considered a valuable asset to the Empire, and Lord Palpatine. And thus was spared from the usual punishment for failure. But instead of expressing relief or gratitude for this rare show of mercy from the Empire, she sprang a trap she had been planning upon her missions success. She had her father pinned down by to of the imperial guards she had brought along. She than proceeded to accuse him of betraying the Empire, declaring him a traitor. And blaming him for the, loss of the data pack in the first place. She also made the bold claim that he had intentionally sent her on the retrieval mission, assuming her chances of survival were minimal at best.  Armand’s heart swelled with a twisted and sick sense of pride, knowing he had raised his daughter right, and was in full admiration of her ability to set him up as a fall guy, knowing inside that if she had the steel will to have her own father executed, that she would most surely make the Empire a proud and outstanding leader. Armand was then sentenced to death by Palpatine himself.

    With her Father now dead she was appointed the new Chief Director of Imperial Intelligence. Ysanne did everything her power to assure the Emperor of her and her departments usefulness, and just hoe much of a truly powerful force she had built. She came to the Emperor with a brilliant plan of setting up an interment/brainwashing center, to assure that fact that no employee of the Empire would ever be capable of betrayal. The Emperor was absolutely enthralled by her plan, and overly impressed with her enthusiastic attitude towards furthering Empirical control of the Galaxy. So enthralled in fact he gave her, her own Super Star Destroyer,  “The Executor”. It was a twin mirror image Destroyer of Vader’s own Executor ship, with all of the same functions and abilities. She dubbed the vessel “ Lusankya” and with help from the Empire most powerful mind clouding psychics, she and the Imperial Engineers buried the mighty battleship beneath the city resting on Coruscant’s Mountain District of Manaral. When she managed to capture General Jan Dodonna during the evacuation of the rebel base at Yavin 4, he became “Lusankya’s” first of many prisoners of war.

    Heartbroken and crushed when she heard news of her precious Emperor’s death at Endor, she and her Troopers marched into the Plaza in Coruscant, where Civilians were celebrating, and began to masscare the entire crowd in an absolutely horrendous blood bath. Tears streaming down her face, blaster in hand she put and her team put down the treacherous rats. She transferred one of the Emperor’s cloning cylinders to her ship, and destroyed the rest knowing that is was better that than have the rebellion get hold of them. Hidden away from even the closest of her allies, she secretly grew a clone of herself, keeping knowledge of it to only herself. She kept her clone in a state of suspended animation. Sate Pestage had taken over as the new active leader of the Empire. Ysanne pretended to support Sate, and his new empire. Although behind his back she mad him look absolutely incompetent to his rivals, and even his allies, sewing the seeds of treachery and his downfall from within his own organization. After being purposely misled by Isard, His failures allowed the new republic to capture the Empire planet Brentaal. This is when the ruling circle decided Sate was unfit to lead, and began their plot to take him out. Sate Pestage was no fool he knew these rivals he had created would out power him and take him down without mercy. That was why in secrecy he allied himself with Leia Solo, and the Rebels through as series of diplomatic talks, which led to a peaceful transfer of power. This enraged the Ruling Circle, who then declared Pestage a traitor and put a bounty out for his arrest and or death. This also placed them as the new ruling power in the Empire. Pestage fled the system to the planet of Ciutric. The Circle the sent their best Admiral, Admiral Delak Krennel to retrieve him, violently if need be. Isard tried to convince Frennel to join her, but he refused and murdered Pestage. He then took his power as the Warlord of the Ciutric Hegemony.

    With Pestage dead. Isard had enough, “friends” within the Empire, to take control and slaughter the entire circle in the span of 24 hours. She had finally become the leader of the Empire. However the once endless imperial power was dwindling and on it’s last legs when the Rebel forces began to chip away at what remained.  All of this occurred within eight months of the Battle of Endor. It was around this period that Isard had lost the Imperial Black Fleet. This happened when she recalled all forces to defend the six core world’s of the Empire from Admiral Ackbar’s ruthless assualt.

    Finally after one year after the Battle of Endor, the Grand Moffs and Prophets met up as the Core Committee of the Empire, and decided that it was the time to stage a coup of power and overthrow Isard’s regime. Isard however was not as easy to defeat as the previous to Empirical leaders the Circle and Pestage. She proved tenacious, and  manipulated the tragic and blood stained downfall of the Core Committee. Any and all survivors were brought before her and executed as traitors to the Empire. Not long after this event, Jerek a once powerful JedI, who was turned to the Darkside by high inquisitor Treymane, attempted to take Isard down. His attempts were futile at best, and he too failed in the attempted toppling of Isard’s regime.

    Isard kept her Star Destroyer hidden under the Coruscant Mountains, as a hidden undetectable base. It was here that she kept her personal prisoners, as well as her secret clone whom she kept the memory banks of full, and updated with even the most miniscule of details. Many months after her murdering of Jerec, Isard managed to capture one of the most elusive and talented members of the Rogue Squadron, Tycho Celchu. She transferred him to her private ship/base, and began to torture him. But his will was mighty and he would not break. Isard managed to stay in touch with one of the last Grand Admirals, one that hadn’t betrayed her, Admiral Thrawn who was hiding out in the unknown regions. But she began to assume he was planning some kind of treachery when she had received word that he was wanting to get in touch with the Imperial Defector  Baron Fel, however not wanting to give him a reason to double cross her she used Thrawn’s capture plan, and gave Fel to Thrawn as a Prisoner.

    It was now Three years after the Battle of Endor, Isard’s scientist had been working with a virus, known as the Kryto’s virus for a little over six months now, and they had finally managed to perfect it. The Kryto’s Virus is an extremely fatal virus, that infected on certain non-human alien species. Isard  knew that a New Republic invasion, was in works for Coruscant, she released the deadly virus into the Planets water systems. It spead like a plague, within a matter of 48 hours nearly all of the non-human citizens were infected to some degree. It was then that an enemy fleet landed upon the planet, Isard was prepared and captured the rogue pilot known as Corran Horn. She made his capture appear as if he were dead, and died in the crash landing.  She took him and retreated to her hidden ship, and settled in there while the New Republic took root, right above her.  Horn desperately resisted Isard’s Brainwashing tactics.  He was eventually able to escape from her hidden prison.  He made it to the surface, and was able to inform the Republic of her, Hidden prison ship, with her cover blown, and here hideout ousted, she managed to fire up her star destroyer and rip through the Coruscant city, evading capture.  She settled in on the Bacta Planet known as Thyferra. In a short time she bred a rebellion of her own and became the Head of State of the planet.  Rogue Squadron found out and came after her. It resulted in a large scale planetary battle known now as the Bacta War.  After Six months of war, Defeat seemed to be at hand. Isard decided to release her clone, whom she ordered to scatter the Lusankya’s  Inmates. The Rogue Squadron seized control of the battle torn planet, and interfered before she could eliminate her clone as planned. They were also able to capture her prison ship, the “Lusankya”.  Ysanne Isard appeard to have died on in the battle though.

    However that was not the case, she was not dead, she had in fact managed to survive the battle. Not only did she survive the battle she escaped Thyferra, as did her clone. Her clone then proceeded to hook up with Warlord Krennel on Ciutric. The clone also released the prisoners to Krennel. The real Isard however was elsewhere, trying to put her metnal state back together as she had known success for so long, that a string of  failures infuriated her and shattered her mental condition.  Once she had pieced at least a small portion of her sanity back together, she overthrew a small time General by the name of Arnothian. Arnothian ran a Tie fighter production plant. It was from these small sidelines that she watched the new leader of the Empire, Admiral Thrawn take war to the New Republic. It was also at this time that Emperor Palpatine had returned thanks to a clone body that he used the force to control. Palpatine’s first instinct  since being reborn was to contact his most loyal former allies, and thus his first contact was Ysanne Isard. He commanded her to join him in reclaiming his Empire. Isard was troubled, and feared that since she had lost Coruscant to the New Republic that she would be executed for her failure when Palpatine lead once again. So she promised to redeem herself, and that she would prove her worth be reclaiming her precious ship.

    Thrawn was eventually defeated, leaving the Republic to believe the last struggling remnants of the Empire were now snuffed once and for all. Ysanne and her Tie fighters rescued the Rogue Squadron, from a New Republic ambush at Corvis Minor. Isard then pleaded her case to the Rogue’s that she wanted their aid in taking down Krennel and her clone on Ciutric. And that they now owed her their aid. The Rogue’s agreed to aid her, as long as she promised to turn over all of the “Lusankya’s” Prisoners, so they could finally after all these years of torment be free, once she had the ship back. She  agreed. Posing as Isard’s Tie Pilots the Rogue’s were able to infiltrate Krennel’s regime, and free the prisoners. Simultaneously Isard and Admiral Ackbar put together a fleet that hammered and destroyed Ciutric’s defenses. Both Krennel and Isard’s clone were slain by Ysanne. It was at this moment of success Isard, turned on the Rogue Squadron, and began attacking Ackbar, and his undefended ship yards. In these Ship Yards was her ship the “Lusankya” when she attempted to commandeer her Super Star Destroyer, she found the New Republics famous intelligence agent, waiting for her inside her ships captains quarters. The agent was Iella Wessiri. The Republic had anticipated Isard’s trickery of the Rogue Squadron, and new it would be the perfect opportunity to finish her. Iella did not risk a single thin, she shot, and killed Ysanne Isard. This was the last of her.


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