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Youthful (which was also known as Youthful Magazines) operated during the late Golden Age (1949–1954). The company was reportedly owned by attorney Bill and Sophie Friedman. Other principals reportedly included Lew Stricof and S. Wind, George Ungar and Morton Myers. Harry Donenfeld (of DC publishing fame) was also reported to be financially involved in Youthful. There is speculation that some of the switches of titles between imprints as discussed below were due to disagreements between creditors.

Youthful and its related imprints have been described as "A circular group of owners hiding behind a lot of fake addresses. " (See the history at At times, the imprints associated with the same titles and owners included

  • Story
  • Master
  • Premier
  • Western, and
  • Pix-Parade Comics

Youthful et al eschewed superheros. Romance, Western, and horror were its generes. Notable volumes included Gunsmoke, Indian Fighter, and Redskin (later known as Famous Western Badmen); Captain Science (later Fantastic, Beware, and Chilling Tales), and Jackpot (humor).

Gunsmoke was the publisher's first title, and debuted Apr./May 1949, running until 1952. Youthful began publishing Youthful Hearts in its own name in 1952 (previously published under the Pix-Parade imprint). In 1953 its numbering continued under the new title Daring Confessions. The Youthful titles Attack and Beware were re-branded Trojan in 1952, which continued their numbering. Youthful, in turn, renamed the titles Atomic Attack and Chilling Tales, respectively, also continuing the numbering.


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