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    It was okay (SPOILERS)

    Well, I really didn't like the first issue, but this one was a bit better, and unlike the new Cable series, it actually has moved somewhere.

    I'm happy that charcters such as Blindfold are getting more attention and I like the whole mystery person. And when Ink smacked her with the gun at the end was hilarious. One thing Guggengheim has managed to do is write Rockslide really well. His dialogue is really good and everytime he speaks I'm waiting for another line that will stay in my memory and make me laugh all day. And his Blindfold speech is great. And I do believe that Ink didn't drop a "cuz" anywhere in this entire issue.

    Things I don't like are how Guggenheim writes Dust and Moonstar. Dust is a polite young female, and he writes her as if she's any old teenager. And it was incredibly stupid with Moonstar. When Blindfold and Ink burst in, she recognizes Blindfold instantly. Yet, when she hold the "firestick" (shotgun) to her head, she acts as if she doesn't know her. He has reverted her back to when she first appeared, and she is no longer understanding and calm as she appeared in New X-Men and Avengers: The Initiative.

    So, eh. It was okay. But I'd much rather have New X-Men back. It was a better series.

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