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Young Romance is one of the longer running DC Romance titles, and one which DC purchased to increase its market share in the romance genre. At one point non-superhero titles dominated the medium, and Young Romance represented some of the dominance of other genres, chiefly in this case the romance genre.

Young Romance and other DC romance titles were different in slightly different ways from regular comics. One key difference was the cross-promotion of stories between series. For instance, issue #140 of Young Romance has a blurb at the end of one page which says ""Don't ever leave me," she cried - - but she knew he would! ... Read this unusual love story in Falling in Love - - On Sale Now!"

With the return of the superhero to prominence in the medium, in later years different strategies were taken with this title. What was once a monthly series because a bi-monthly series featuring the so-called 100 page giants. Regardless it was not enough to save the interest in romance comics as a major force in the medium.

Young Romance was also the name that DC Comics used as a filler for one month in 2012 as a Valentine's Day special. With some of its titles failing and needing to maintain the marketing ploy of the new 52 (that 52 titles would be released every month) it was decided that a one-time special would signify this 52nd issue of the month. The name of the one-shot was designed to pay homage to the original series.


The first half of this series (Prize) is broken up into smaller volumes in the indicia:

  • Volume 1 - #1-6
  • Volume 2 - #7-12
  • Volume 3 - #13-24
  • Volume 4 - #25-36
  • Volume 5 - #37-48
  • Volume 6 - #49-60
  • Volume 7 - #61-72
  • Volume 8 - #73-80
  • Volume 9 - #81-84
  • Volume 10 - #85-90
  • Volume 11 - #91-96
  • Volume 12 - #97-102
  • Volume 13 - #103-108
  • Volume 14 - #109-114
  • Volume 15 - #115-120
  • Volume 16 - #121-124

Collected Editions


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