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A lunar rocket-testing site falls under attack by enemy spies! Thankfully, Toro and Torch are there to save the day!

There are four stories in this issue:

The Human Torch

-Penciled by Carl Burgos

The Human Torch and Toro fight to prevent the Vulture and his henchmen from stealing America's new Moon Ships. But once in space, they discover there is a bigger threat ... or an ally?

The Richest Man in Chicago

-Prose Story

Captain America: The Cargo of Death!

-Penciled by John Romita

Cap and Bucky are on the trail of communists trying to "smuggle dope from Red China" to South Africa!

Sub-Mariner: The Land Below the Sun!

-Written, Penciled and Inked by Bill Everett

Namor returns to his sub-Antarctic home, only to be spurned by his people as a traitor and banished by his grandfather, Emperor Tha-Korr. When Namor discovers Russian communists landing on the ice above, and planning to claim the continent for Russia, he sees an opportunity to redeem himself. With the help of his sympathetic cousin Dorma, he scares the Russians away. Unfortunately, they are trapped by the ice and try dynamiting it, with disastrous consequences to the Atlanteans below. Thinking Dorma has distracted the invaders again, Namor sinks their ship in front of Atlantean witnesses. Emperor Tha-Korr rescinds his banishment and Namor discovers Dorma was injured and wasn't the mysterious woman on the ice that twice scared the Russians.



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Story Arcs

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