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    The Young Masters are a team of several young super-humans who can't quite decide if they want to commit to being heroes or villains.

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    Assembled by Coat of Arms as an art project, an examination of superheroism, this group was largely motivated by Melter's desire to be real heroes, hindered significantly by unclear ideas on what that entailed, from Executioner's adoration of the Punisher, to Big Zero's interest in violence, Coat of Arm's detached view, and only Melter and Enchantress showing much interest in actual altruism.


    The Young Masters were created by Paul Cornell and Mark Brooks and first appeared in Dark Reign: Young Avengers #1.

    Team Evolution

    Initially calling themselves the new Young Avengers, the team adopted the Young Masters as their name in Dark Reign: Young Avengers #4. The team had a major roster change when they reappeared in the Vengeance miniseries with only Egghead and Executioner remaining from the original team.

    Major Story Arcs

    Dark Reign

    They were confronted by the existing team of Young Avengers for using their name, and were presented with several options, after first testing each member of Melter's team individually. The Young Avengers gave mixed reviews, only wanting to recruit Coat of Arms and Enchantress and leaving the rest under Meter's care, and even Enchantress shortly forced to their headquaters due to Wiccan 's discovery that she is connected to Loki, making her an unwitting spy for the trickster god.

    Unhappy with the other team's passing judgement on them, Executioner called Norman Osborn 's number to make a deal, with his Avengers showing up to support. After a fight between Norman's Avengers and the other Young Anvengers in which the other team performed unexpectedly well against the Dark Avengers, some of the team started to have doubts and began aiding their fellow teenagers, culminating in Coat of Arms, Enchantress, and Wiccan banishing Sentry. Patriot called on Melter to choose on who was right, not just who was strongest, and Melter asked Sylvie to teleport them all away, leaving the Young Avengers to hope at least some of them would make the right call.


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