Young Justice: Invasion

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Any idea why they haven't showed new episodes, it's like 8 episodes in so it couldn't be a season finale, and any reason why they skipped so far into the future? Just curious. That show is so addicting, very well written even though very different from alot of things in the dcu. artimis and caldor are completely new characters right? although i know the aqualad in brightest day is basically him

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1. The show takes a break for summer, most shows do. It will return in September. Networks strive for ratings at certain times and months...summer not being one of them due to people vacationing and favoring other activities
2. The creators have claimed the time skip is due to the show being based on the characters growth, if the second season was just the next six months after the first season.....not much growth could have been shown. It also gave them opportunity to introduce a lot of characters quickly.
3. Artemis is an existing villain called Tigress, however Young Justices version of the character is different....and yes Jackson Hyde is based off Kaldur' ahm who was created for the series

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