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Do you think that they will be having a new generation of young justice anytime soon? I feel like some of the new roster could be  Damian Wayne, Iris West, and maybe Lian Harper ? Anyway if you can think of  anyone one else who could drop off a line.

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Maybe after they age a little. Lian Harper is still too young, I'm not even sure if she's even had any formal training, Iris just got her speed powers. Damian is the only one I'd see being able to handle a team somewhere down the line, but even he is too violent and selfish right now.

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would love a new Young Justice roster, written by Peter David of course.
Listing the ones above (which would be the logical choices) we have one representant of the batman, green arrow and flash families, hadn't Chris Kent aged he would also fit the team quite well. 
I can't think of any other hero that young but maybe have a few returning characters like:
Red Tornado
Slobo (Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase)
Secret (Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase)
and maybe some new heroes which would fit like a new user of the Dial H for a H.E.R.O.

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