Gordon G Godfrey

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Okay so here is the thing I did some research on the guy and in the comics he is a herald to Darkseid basically. So my question is do we think he is going to be running this role i Young Justice too. I mean he is trying to destroy the nation's trust in the heroes so is it possible he is just trying to cause a weakening in the heroes and cause chaos to start over the land to open up the earth for a super assault from apokolips. Idk what are your thoughts?

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@Lt_Smash: It seems to me like they are setting up the Reach as being the main competitors of the Kroloteans, simply because of the alien's reaction to Blue Beetles armor. Perhaps they are placing Godfrey here to set up an Apokolips invasion in one of the upcoming seasons.

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Seems like Darkseid and Apokalips has been involved from the very beginning, though.

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Godfrey was seen Justice League as well as nothing more than an anchorman badmouthing the heroes in an episode or two. It could be a set up for something, or it may just be a mythology gag.

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G. Gordon Godfrey is likely breaking and unnerving trust among the public with the League....likely someones end game, as I believe.

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Well I don't expect to see Darksied to the season finale of this season. Don't expect a New God War until S3.

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Considering they've been showing off Apokoliptian technology, and even had an episode with the Forever People, I don't think it would be too much of a stretch for Darkseid and his Elite to appear in their true and evil form. I think them appearing is more of a matter of when than if.

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My guess is that Gordon Godfrey is actually a Krolotean in disguise.

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His voice is great

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He cant be a Krolo because they were all ordered to evac and thus he would be dead and not able to do anything I considered that up until all the little krolos went boom

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