Catching Up On DC Nation and Ultimate Spider-Man

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Just caught up with the latest episodes of Young Justice, Green Lantern and Ultimate Spider-Man. While I enjoyed all of the new episodes, I really enjoyed Green Lantern: The Animated Series – “Prisoner of Sinestro” the best. That was a bit surprising to me. Green Lantern, Hal Jordan isn't at the top of my favorites list but the tone and story of this episode was outstanding. The ending when Sinestro declares he didn't kill but just didn't "save" his prisoner in time was pretty dark and sets the pace for Hal questioning his admiration for the "hero" Sinestro. I also didn't know what my final verdict was going to be on the animation style of the series but in the end I found it a nice change up from Young Justice and Spider-Man. Sets it own visual style and I would like to see some more shows in that form.

Ultimate Spider-Man was light, fun and "cartoony" in a good way and in a way I expect from this type of show. It's a good one to watch with the kids and it maintains a nice action pace. I would like to see some more story substance in this show but for a season 2 kick-off very entertaining.

Young Justice is a great middle ground in style between both of the aforementioned shows. 'Cornered' was a nice action piece that kept all the characters involved and relevant to the whole story. Some characters can get lost or misused in a big action event like this. Mal stepping in and declaring himself Earth's greatest champion was as fun to watch and as touching to witness such a sacrifice for others. Heavy on action and emotion.

The episode titled "True Colors" really moved the overall storyline to the next level. Adam and Bumblebee do all they can to help Jamie rid himself of the scarab. Robin's team investigates the involvement of LexCorp Farm and the Reach. Deathstroke makes an attack on Sportsmaster on behalf of of Lex and Black Manta. While Black manta deals with the emotional trauma involving Auqalad and his need for revenge. The team defeats Black Beetle with the help of the new martian Beetle and now must hide him from the REACH to keep him safe with help from Johnathan Kent. It's a very dense story arc with plenty of action and heart. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

What are some of your favorite animated shows now back on the air?

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