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Never the End

Young Justice S2 Ep20 "Endgame" Directed By Doug Murphy Written By Kevin Hopps

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Young Justice: Invasion is over, sticking the landing in it’s season/series finale. With the show not being picked up for Cartoon Network's fall season in 2013 “Endgame” for all intents and purposes marks the end of yet another Greg Weismen related superhero show. Props should also be given to Producer Brandon Vietti, for hiring Weismen on. In typical fashion it’s a good finale with a one final bit at the end that should leave fans wanting.

“Endgame” had a lot of ground to cover and several things, like the decimation of Black Beetle happen in quick succession. The amount of little moments that paint the picture of this final world ending conflict are many, giving the right amount of fanservice. Then things get serious, slowing the episode down in its final act.

The Reach can’t just leave earth with evidence of what their plans where. Black Beetle has set up a scorched earth policy of : DESTROY THE EARTH. All the how’s of this plan don’t really need to be gotten into. Suffice it to say comicbooks logic and deus ex machnia’s abound. Which isn’t a bad thing and while it felt cheap in dealing with Black Beetle, Kevin Hopps only had soo many pages to work with.

The evil master plan wasn’t the point. It was an easy scenario to force everyone into pairs of two. Allowing for maximum coverage of the extremely large cast without having to focus on one squad to much. Aqualad makes good with Lagoon Boy, Black Lightning and Static(Shock), Artemis and Kid Flash have a nice moment in Paris. Everything is going great.

Then they miss one and things get serious. Once again how they fix the problem is filled with comicbook logic but it’s a means to an end. That end is the apparent death of Wally West! Which was sudden and hardly telegraphed. The idea of having a heroic sacrifice situation isn’t anything new but it seemed more likely that Barry would become one with the speedforce. That wouldn’t exactly have the same impact though. Wally was the comedic heart of this show and suddenly taking him out of was an emotional kick in the balls.

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“Endgame”’s final 10 minutes all deal with the death of Wally and the fact that there really is no proper end for superheroes. There will always be villains to fight, people to save, heroic stuff. In that way “Endgame” works really well. The Team and Justice League will now be cohabitating the Watchtower, working together as equals not just a black ops team of their sidekicks. Which hey if this is a backdoor pilot to a Young Justice/Justice League Unlimited series that has been kept hidden good on them. If it isn’t well that show would most likely be awesome.

Stray Thoughts

  • Kevin Hopps from the Joss Whedon school of character death. Umm Firefly spoilers.
  • The Wesiman himself on Death in Fiction
  • Then there is the last 30 seconds. Vandal Savage steals the War World and goes to Apokolips and SHAKES DARKSEIDS HAND! O yea, G. Gordon is there to. Me and my sisters friends who had marathon-ed ALL of YJ last week since they live with us now, proceeded to nerd the F out. I want to know what that plan was! This isn't the type of cliff hangar that befell Spectacular Spider-man, who's impromptu series finale didn't really work as a series finale. But, man, what could have been.
  • I'd recommend reading these interviews of Greg Weisman and Brandon Veitti by the folks over at WolrdsFinest
  • It was really hard for me to get this much out for my final review of YJ, well final review I'm sure I'll gin up some reason to come back and expose about the greatness of this show. It was weird it kind of felt like I was watching the finale to the orignal Digimon series, which made me cry...even though I knew at 8:30 the next morning Digimon Series 2 was starting up. Odd. Sorry if this isn't um to snuff.
  • Also if you're wondering what Weisman will be up to next he's freelanced a couple episode scripts for Kaijudo, Transformers Prime, Rescue Bots, Beware the Batman and Octonauts. But the main thing is apparnetly a book series he is doing, the first being Rain of the Ghosts due out Dec 2013.

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