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Challange of the Super Friends

Young Justice S2 Ep14 "Runaways" Directed By Doug Murphy Written By Kevin Hopps

With a title like “Runaways” the first thing that comes to mind is the Marvel series of the same name. Obviously Young Justice S2 Ep 14 “Runaways” isn’t about them, it’s about another DC related show Super Friends. All of the titular Runaways are references to heroes created for that 1970’s Hanna-Barbera show. Static Shock is there too, because how else is he going to get any recognition?

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The main focus of this episode were all those kids that The Reach kidnapped and experimented on in hopes of activating the metagene. Now they find themselves in another form of captivity: Star Labs. They are basically lab rats that have a slightly cage this time around. That bigger cage comes in handy for Ty Longshadow and his astral form powers, much like the Apache Chief. Eduardo Dorado Jr. can use the extra space to teleport around much like El Drado did. The character of Samurai is found in Asami "Sam" Koizumi, who doesn't exactly match that character 100%, but it is close enough. Then there is the leader of the group, Virgil Hawkins aka Static Shock. You could consider him the Black Vulcan of the group.

As teenagers in the media are one to do, even more so when you suddenly have superpowers, they want to get out of dodge and are sick of being puppets. They don’t get very far since they are in the middle of nowhere Texas. Their impulsive thinking also gets them nowhere and Ty ends up destroying the bus station anyway. If there is anyone who can understand where they are coming from it’s Blue Beetle who is sent by Nightwing to get the kids back in Star Labs.

The Runaways don’t want to be heroes, but fate has other plans. Red Volcano attacks Star Labs, intent on absorbing the Amazo parts. Now you might be thinking “Wasn’t Red Volcano destroyed back in “Humanity” in season 1, and over five years ago in showtime?”. Yes, that happened but ya know comic book logic. Besides if Red Volcano wasn't around who would call everyone “Meatbags”? Red Volcano made for a fun fight showing off a more aggressive Blue Beetle as well as the Runaways powers.

“Runaways” is a fun side story in the greater Invasion storyline. With Lex Luthor showing up at the end it looks like this won’t be the last we see of these would be Super Friends. The reveal at the end that Green Beetle has been one with the Reach the entire time and has made Blue similarly one wasn’t too surprising. For a show that has gotten a couple of great swerves in this one could be seen from a mile away. Blue doesn't exactly look like the one from Impulses future so maybe Young Justice is playing the Terminator style rules for time travel.

B+ This was the most “Saturday Morning Cartoon” like of any of the recent episodes and it was still great

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