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    Team » Young Gods appears in 25 issues.

    12 individuals gathered from all over Earth to be trained to deal with the coming host of Celestials.

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    Over one thousand years ago, the old gods of Earth joined together to prepare for the eventual return of the Celestials. Over a span of ten centuries, the gods chose twelve ordinary men and women whose skills represented the twelve great achievements of man.

    Gaea led the goddesses of Earth in gathering the finest examples of humanity, including Kiana from Alaska (11th century), Bridgit O'Hare from Ireland (12th century), Mira from Ruk Island (15th century), Gregor Buhkarov from Russia, Chandra Ku from Africa (both 18th century), Catherine Moranis from Ottawa, Raoul Hernando from Colombia (both 19th century), Mark Cadmon from Chicago (1919), and Jawaharel Patel from India (1948). These 9 "Young Gods," were kept them in suspended animation and kept watch over by the goddesses the until the Fourth Host's arrival.

    Heimdall and Kamorr were charged by Odin to gather the last three of the Young Gods, and found them in Carter Dyam, an Israeli soldier, and Chi Lo, a Japanese fisherwoman. They brought them to New York while they sought out the last of the Young Gods.

    Heimdall and Kamorr met Jason Kimball, and saved him from Baker, a man he owed money to. They brought Kimball away with them. Heimdall and Kamorr brought Kimball, Dyam and Lo to the scene of a battle between Thor and Ego-Prime. When Ego-Prime attempted to destroy Thor and his comrades with a blast of energy, its energies were instead drained into Kimball, Dyam and Lo, unlocking their godly potential. They were then brought up into Asgard by Odin to prepare them for the coming of the Fourth Host.

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    The gods endowed these humans with godlike powers and offered the twelve super humans to the Celestials as proof of mankind's worthiness to survive. The Celestials "adopted" these twelve suprahumans and took them aboard the Celestial mothership. They remained there in constant training, learning the ethos of godhood.

    The Young Gods were placed into the charges of Juniper and Katos. Juniper taught Sea Witch, Highnote, Daydreamer, Mindsinger, Bright Sword and Splice in the ways of offense, while Katos trained Varua, Genii, Moonstalker, Calculus, Harvest and Caduceus in defense.

    While the Young Gods were training aboard the mothership, they were spied upon by the High Evolutionary and Daydreamer became convinced that they should become involved to protect humanity from his intentions. Mindsinger, Daydreamer, Brightsword, Splice, Sea Witch and Highnote all set off to Earth and fought Quint and the Gatherers alongside Spider-Man, until Calculus, Varua, Genii, Harvest, Moonstalker and Cadueceus came after them and the two sides fought each other, until Daydreamer accidentally harmed Calculus with her powers. After Caduceus healed Calculus, the Young Gods all stood down and returned to the mothership.

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    Mindsinger, Daydreamer, Harvest, Varua, Genii and Brightsword visited Jerusalem, Israel, to investigate a psychic presence Daydreamer had detected. They discovered an artificial creature powered by the emotions of the people there, but Varua, Harvest and Mindsinger were able to form a Uni-Mind and cut it off from the emotional energies, forcing it to consume itself and die. Daydreamer examined the creature's remains and determined that it had been sent by one of the gods from Earth's pantheons.

    Calculus manipulated the Space Phantom, Avengers and Spider-Man into removing the threat of the "black cloud" (black insect swarm) from Earth, using mathematical probabilities to manipulate the outcome. Only Spider-Man was aware of Calculus' involvement.

    When Sea Witch had a prophetic dream, Daydreamer and Varua determined that it was related to the encounter they had had in Israel before, and the Celestials permitted them to return to Earth and investigate. They split into three teams, visiting Sri Lanka, Ireland, and Central Bend, Wisconsin. The rogue god Nauda proved to have been the creature's master, and was seeking 3 mystical stones, two of which were found by the Young Gods in Central Bend and Ireland. Nauda captured the Sri Lanka team and forced the others to surrender themselves and the stones to him, but Daydreamer created illusionary stones instead. They were able to destroy Nauda by becoming a Uni-Mind, and Caduceus destroyed his stones.

    Varua was captured by the Deviants and forced by a brain-mine to create a Uni-Mind to power Ghaur, but the Black Knight set her free from their control.

    Major Story Arcs

    Return to Earth

    After years of waiting on the silent and unmoving Celestials for a sign, the Young Gods go mad and descend into deviant behavior for the hopes of even the slightest acknowledgement. They then decide that the Celestials must wish for them to use their powers and act on their own. Upon deciding this, the group left the Celestials' spacecraft and returned to Earth, where they intended to use the consciousness of all humans on the planet to create a new Celestial. They decide to start with the island nation of Madripoor and extend outwards.

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    Upon learning of this, the Eternals, who were unaffected by the Young Gods' power to drain consciousness, encountered and attempted to stop them. The Eternals are dispatched to investigate strange goings on in Madripoor, they arrive to discover a threat to all of humanity that could render the Horde’s impending arrival of no consequence! Born of the Celestials, the Young Gods believe themselves superior to the Eternals. However the Young Gods are driven by a wonderlust to define their creation. Left to determine the answer on their own, the Young Gods’ efforts to this end may prove to be the end of all humanity. The Eternals stand in their way and the Young Gods soon go to war. Eventually, the Eternals convince Varua that the Celestials may have been testing them with their silence and coming to Earth may be the wrong choice. While Varua hesitates to ponder the possibility of being wrong, she is killed and the other Young Gods immediately fall to the ground, seemingly dead.


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