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I really enjoyed the first issue of this series, and have been looking forward to this issue since. It looks like it's going to be a very fun series, and I hope that it continues to be as good, if not better than the first issue.


Wiccan notices that his spell to bring Hulkling's mother hasn't went as good as he'd hoped when she starts controlling what they do. They need help... from Loki.


I have to be honest I was quite disappointed in this issue. After a decent start I was expecting the series to get better, not worse, but unfortunately it has. The reason I think that caused this issue to be poor was that it only really centered around two of the Young Avengers, three if you count Loki. I've really been looking forward to seeing them as a team, and unfortunately it hasn't happened yet. I do however have to be fair to Kieron Gillen as he's still done a decent job, and it still had some fun moments. I also think that the only real way to progress this type of story is by having a slower paced issue. I do however hope that this isn't a sign of things to come as Gillen's Iron Man series was both very poor, and very inconsistent, hence why I dropped it, and I don't want that happening to this series.

Jamie McKelvie, and Mike Norton's art was once again very good. To be honest unless it said in the credits I wouldn't notice that there was more than one artist on this series, as the artwork looks very consistent. I really think that the cartoon feel really suits this series, as it gives the fun atmosphere that the series needs. The art is also very detailed throughout, and although it's not mind-blowing, it's still very good, and very consistent. I also like the way that the emotion is shown in the artwork, as with the type of story you really need it. The colours from Matthew Wilson were also brilliant, and really helped set the tone, and mood of the series.

The story itself wasn't terrible, it just wasn't that good. I have to be honest it was the three characters featured in this that I wanted to see the most throughout the series, as although Kate Bishop is my favourite character out of the Young Avengers, she's also featured in Hawkeye. Also Wiccan, and Hulkling are the characters I want to know the best, as although I know some things I don't know everything, whereas I know more about Kate. I've also been looking forward to seeing how Loki is involved in all this, so was happy to see him involved. The lack of the other charcters didn't help though, as it was really noticeable that Kate,Noh-Varr, and Miss America were missing.

I do however think that having Hulkling's "mother" as the bad guy is very interesting, as after being without her for so long to have her supposedly brought back, and find out that it's not really her, and that she's evil has to be hard to handle. I do however have some concerns about her presence though, as she's a bit creepy, and confusing at times. I do however look forward to seeing more of this.

The Uncanny Avengers also appear in this issue. Although it's been a disappointing series I have enjoyed the Uncanny Avengers as a team, and look forward to seeing more of them, so when I noticed that they would be in this issue I was very happy. It was also nice as due to Scarlet Witch being on that team it gives chance for Wiccan and her to interact, as it was revealed that she's his mother. I did however fins their appearance a bit weird, and necessary. I do however hope that Scarlet Witch is featured in the series in the future, and that it's in a longer sequence.

The boxes that Wiccan and Hulkling were put in were a bit random. As I don't know much about their past I don't exactly know what the boxes are. I can assume that they are in another dimension, and kind of like a prison, but besides that I don't know. I also found the addition of them a bit weird, and unnecessary, but if anyone understands it better than me, and in a way that makes more sense then let me know in the comments section. The only good thing about that sequence was that it was a perfect place to introduce Loki,

Seems I was talking about Loki, I might as well finish by talking more about his appearance. I won't say to much as to avoid spoilers, but as I said earlier I'm very interested to see what Loki's role in this series is. It was the addition of Loki that made me decide to get this series in the first place, as although I was interested in the team before that I was more interested after hearing that he'd be a member. Anyway his role is still a bit mysterious, but it was interesting to see him interact with Wiccan, and Hulking, and I'm looking forward to learn more about his appearance in this series down the line. Sorry if I was brief on that subject, just wanted to avoid spoilers.

Final Verdict

Although not as good as the previous issue, and slightly disappointing this was still a decent issue. I'm in two minds whether to recommend this issue or not. In hindsight I would recommend this series, as I expect it to be good in the next few issues, and it'd be a shame to miss one issue in the story. Also I felt that the story needed this slow period to help progress the story. On the other hand it'd probably be better to wait till another couple of issues are out, and see what kind of reception they get, but for anyone that bought issue 1 I'd recommend getting this.

Rating: 3.5/5

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