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    Loki shows his true colours.

    The final part of the main story of this Young avengers stint and the shocks keep coming form the surprising twist at the end of the last issue, how will the Young Avengers react? And more importantly, how will they stop Mother?

    The Good

    To start off I would like to congratulate Jamie Mckelvie on his art through out his run on the book, he is able to give us great detail on the characters and still able to keep this amount of detail in the big spreads of the battles between the young heroes and the Young Avengers evil counter parts.

    Kieron Gillen keeps up the hilarity with America tearing the Evil counter parts and putting in witty quips that are almost expected form a Deadpool comic.

    The writing is smooth and fluent through out and the conversation between the heroes is great and jokes form all the characters but with seriousness being involved as well.

    Loki's revelation maybe confusing but after reading it again makes sense. But still a little confused about who Patriot is if he's not one of Loki's creations, looking forward to seeing the revelations form allot of what happned in these last two issues in the next two.

    The Bad

    Nothing wrong with this issue apart form that it can seem a bit rushed and slow at points.

    Also I'm upset that it's cancelling after the next two issues.

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