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Good start

Disclaimer: I haven't read Young Avengers in a while so I'm going into this only knowing Hulking, Wiccan, and Loki. The other characters I don't recognize and I rather not look up because I think it will be interesting starting from a fresh impression and seeing them develop without prior background knowledge to fall on.

So, that being said, I liked it. It was a good introduction to the characters and I'm rather excited about that :).

The first characters you meet are Kate and Noh-varr. Basically Kate wakes up in Space after spending a night with this guy, whom first she calls him Norman, and she mentions he use to be the hero Marvel Boy but also went by the name the Protector which he responds "both never really worked out" so I'm curious what name he'll chose if he picks a new one. Then the shirtless humanoid alien turns on music from the 60's, starts dancing saying how much he loves it and Kate just kind of oggles him leaving me slightly jealous (I am a female comic nerd for christ sake).

Then Skrulls attack in a large panel.

I love that line "Being a superhero is amazing, everyone should try it" while this pretty rapid fight scene happens and then it is never mentioned again and I'm left thinking "Dafuq just happened here???" Hopefully we see a little more because I for one really want to know what just happened. The only thing we know for sure is Kate has training. I kind of want that clarified as well.

Then it cuts to Spiderman and a mugger kind of taking him out and me going "Did the new kid just die, or did Peter die again?"

Then we get

And all is well. It's just Hulkling, who is a lovable teddy bear (get it? Teddy bear? ok.), and now I really want to know what Spiderman story they're using.

But that's never addressed and Hulking just sneaks into an apartment with Billy waiting for him.

Now I've been out of Marvel Comics for a few years and just getting back into it so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Billy's parents were cool with his boyfriend and let him stay there. I was also surprised, but not really at the same time, to find out they decided not to be heroes. Billy's line of "How many friends have we buried?" Really got to me. I'd hate being a hero for that reason. But then Teddy also has his moment, with an epic Tolkien reference, and then they make up and even they admit how disgustingly adorable they are.

Seriously though, Billy's speech is simply amazing and totally worth the read. And that line "you're so scared of yourself it breaks my heart" is kind of an awe moment. I don't care what gender or sexual orientation you are, that is some deep stuff that everyone should appreciate. It's something I can see Louis saying to Superman, Selina to Bruce, Barbara to Dick. Like that is kind of the summation of the significant other of any mega powerful person ever.

Now I want to take a second and say Billy and Teddy's relationship is one of my favorites in comics period. Unlike a lot of same sex couples in comics, their relationship isn't defined as that, though there are a good amount of issues that are apart of that, but they are written more as a couple who just happens to be the same sex. They have more emotional growth than other couples in comics period, same or opposite sex. A lot of couples period are written static where they are always the same and never fix their problems or try/actually change. They talk about their issues and try to go on from there. I think it's a good healthy relationship that's kind of needed in comics to counter balance the mess most everyone else is in.

Anyway, they make up and Billy starts doing his magic thing and it pans to Loki being, well Loki. That lovable pain in the but.

Side-note, If DC and Marvel do a cross over I really want to see a fight between him and Damian, I think the banter would be epic.

Back to this. So he's being a pain and all of a sudden his food starts talking to him like something out of Paranormal and he's like "WHAAAAAAT?" and peaces out to the apartment building. Then this bad ass chick shows up, who looks Hispanic and I approve of the diversity, and even though I don't recognize her, aparently Loki refers to her as the "chick who can throw a tank at the moon" which I have to say is pretty freaking awesome. I'd likt to be able to do that just I say I can.

Then this next set is confusing with her beating Loki up, Billy doing something, and Teddy rushing to save the day. Then we have:

So I guess we'll have to wait to find out who Miss America is (what I'm calling her in my head).

Then they completely ignore what just happened (I'm sensing a theme here) and Billy's just like "Hey, remember that time your mom burned to death in front of you? Lol, funny story, I just saved her!" And they hug and cry for a SINGLE PANEL and then Billy goes to bed. They mention they talked for hours and he finally fell asleep, so it's not that heartless.

They probably did spend a good amount of time, but still, he goes to bed and his moms like "I'm cool that he's gay and all, but he shouldn't be living with his boyfriend. He shouldn't even be in a relationship right now" and Billy's parents being awesome are like "Well if they're happy, we're happy" and the mom grows Clayface-like fingers and is like "lol, nope. I know best" and does something to them. They might be dead, not sure. They are definitely not awake or moving.

To be continued.

Yeah, so now I'm on edge on this as much as I am about the Death of the Family story arc (which I will get to). Next comic is titled "You little rascals" so I'm just like "someone please make an alphalpha joke!!!"

The final thing is the writer's note, which I enjoyed. I like what is said about how "the first Young Avengers is about being sixteen. This Young Avengers is about being eighteen. The difference is telling and profound. At sixteen its still about wanting to be in the adult world. At eighteen it's about being in the adult world and whether you want to be or not." Which I think will be very interesting. Kieron Gillen goes on to say he really wants to make this good for new readers and old alike and I think he's off to a good start.

The Good: Pretty much the entire intro for me.

The Bad: The way things flowed slighty.

The verdict: 4 stars and I'll be back for more!

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