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Legacy isn't a dirty word... but it's an irrelevant one. It's not important what our parents did. It matters what WE do. Someone has to save the world. You're someone. Do the math. The critically acclaimed team of Gillen/McKelvie/Wilson (with added Norton Sauce) decide to reinvent the teen superhero comic for the 21st century, uniting Wiccan, Hulkling and Hawkeye with Loki, Marvel Boy and Ms. America. No pressure. Young Avengers is as NOW! as the air in your lungs, and twice as vital. It's the book that knows Hyperbole is the BEST! THING! EVER!



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Terribad? 0

This is probably the Marvel Now! Series I was most looking forward to I am a huge Young Avengers fan and they haven’t ever had an ongoing so when this was announced I couldn’t wait.PlotNoh Varr and Kate Bishop are in a spaceship but they are attacked by Skrulls soon after Kate wakes up. Hulkling disguises himself as Spider-man and takes out some thugs but he encounters Wiccan when he gets back to his house.ReviewThis was a really strong start to the series and it is well worth picking up and thi...

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Finally the Young Avengers are Here 0

I've never really been a fan of Young Avengers having never really read them, but after hearing that Loki would be joining them, as well as Kieron Gillen writing I thought I'd give it a try, and have been looking forward to reading it.PlotThis issue is split into separate stories that introduce the characters, which includes former Young Avengers Wiccan, Hulkling, and Kate Bishop, and the new additions of Noh-Varr, Miss America, and Loki.ReviewAlthough this issue wasn't quite as good as I expect...

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Good start 0

Disclaimer: I haven't read Young Avengers in a while so I'm going into this only knowing Hulking, Wiccan, and Loki. The other characters I don't recognize and I rather not look up because I think it will be interesting starting from a fresh impression and seeing them develop without prior background knowledge to fall on.So, that being said, I liked it. It was a good introduction to the characters and I'm rather excited about that :).The first characters you meet are Kate and Noh-varr. Basically ...

6 out of 6 found this review helpful.
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