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    A line of Mature Readers titles published by DC, curated by Gerard Way and overseen by the Vertigo editorial staff.

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    NOTE: This concept should only be attached to the first issues of the Young Animal line of titles.

    Following DC's The New 52 initiative, the Vertigo imprint ceased publication of characters owned by DC Comics (with the exception of characters related to The Sandman) and almost exclusively published creator-owned content. Years later, following the Rebirth initiative, DC sought to once again publish stories featuring their characters which were more alternative in tone and appealed to a "Mature Readers" audience as they used to do through Vertigo, and launched the Young Animal line of comics through which to publish them.

    The line was conceived and curated by rockstar and Eisner-winning comic writer Gerard Way. Taking inspiration from the kinds of stories Vertigo published in the 90s, Way conceived of 4 titles that would launch the line:

    Further titles published through Young Animal are:

    Most issues published under the Young Animal banner include a back-up story completely unrelated to the main content of the issue, usually written and drawn by creators who work in the underground comics scene doing their first work for a mainstream publisher.

    DC Universe Special Crossovers: "MILK WARS"

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