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    So NOT Awesomesauce!

    SO another great idea comes crashing down to the ground. I am sure most of you when the idea of the Allies were first presented we collectively said...WHAT THE HELL? 
    And on face value the team all seemed to be random and had no reason to be on the same team. 
    But the characters did share a common need to belong to something and the desire to make the most of what they have. 
    Some characters were looking to redefine themselves as heroes, others were looking for kindred spirits. In the end the Young Allies did not come together as a team, but they came together as friends. 
    I see YA as what the Thunderbolts were when they first started. A solid premise that took time to find it's voice. And just as Songbird had a slow evolution to the character she is today, the same could have been said for Firestar if the book was to continue 
    But we will never know what the Allies may have given us with  this being their final issue for the super team book that wasn't meant to be a super team book. Like any god group the will be a period of chaos and mistrust before a true team dynamic can be formed. So where we would be presented with perhaps a second story line, we receive a pretty solid send off considering the circumstances. 
    Certainly felt like  finale and yet the door is open for the Allies to return if someone wants to take a shot at them. 
    I for one would like to see the Spider-girl/Nomad team again in the future.  But Gravity and Toro have the fell of this being their last time to shine for awhile.  
    While I was intrigued by the idea of the book, the first issue did not thrill me enough to want to follow them as they grew. 
    I wished this book received a longer run, however fond the trip was, I was ready to get off at the next stop 
    Fare Thee Well Allies, We barely knew you 
    The Chemistry between Nomad and Spider-Girl 
    A bright spotlight on Firestar and how she is looking towards the future 
    I understand that this was a wrap up issue to end the series. But this just felt to much like this was Firestar's book and not a final send off to the Allies. They did not appear together until the final panel of the last page in their street clothes.  
    They went out with a whimper

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