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Review: Young Allies #1

After the events of Marvel’s Siege event, loads of new books are coming out of the woodwork to herald the new “Heroic Age.” One such title debuted this week Young Allies which tries to fill part of the void that began with the ending of the short-lived Young Avengers and Young X-men series.

Young Allies begins with the origin of Toro, a new hero in the current Marvel universe, but a familiar face to those who read the Heroes Reborn event in 1997. The other heroes in the Young Allies’ lineup include: Nomad (Riki Barnes, “Bucky” of Heroes Reborn), Araña, Firestar, and Gravity. These characters have had bit parts in the Marvel universe, sometimes flaring to become bigger players just before sacrificing their life.

David Baldeón (Nomad: Girl without a World, also with McKeever) penciled the interiors. His drawings, along with the efforts from the rest of the art team, exude a youthful style that slightly leans away from realism. Some panels have characters with facial features that seem misplaced or off-center. But in general the comic’s art is well done with well choreographed action scenes.

The story of Young Allies is penned by Sean McKeever (Teen Titans and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane) and co-creator of the college-aged hero, Gravity. Like most of McKeever’s work, each character has a unique voice and their interactions seem real and fluid.

If you are a fan of team books, or even young and up-and-coming heroes, Young Allies is a title to get your hands on. 

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