Young All-Stars #31

    Young All-Stars » Young All-Stars #31 - Men...and Super-Men released by DC Comics on November 1989.

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    Part 4 of the four-part story, "The Sons of Dawn." The All-Star gang's all here…for the final showdown with the Sons of Dawn. This is the final issue of YOUNG ALL-STARS!

    The Sons of Dawn have captured members of the American embassy to the city and nation of Rioguay. Georgia Challenger, Dyna-Mite's mother, several soldiers and Dyna-Mite are detained. The All-Star Squadron arrives. The Squadron and Young All-Stars battle the superhuman Sons of Dawn. Fury attacks Hugo Danner, leader of the Sons of Dawn, after he claims to have strangled Iron Munro. Danner is Munro's father. Arn arrives and Danner confesses he lied.

    The continues between the Sons and the Squadron. Arn faces off against his father. Meanwhile, several of the Sons become sick and die. Georgia Challenger assumes the Sons isolation has resulted in them losing their immunity to certain diseases. She believes her cold is the reasons the Sons are suddenly dying. The Sons retreat. They go back to their isolated plateau to die. Hugo Danner also retreats after realizing he caused the Sons to die by bringing them to Rioguay.

    Neptune Perkins and Tsunami decide it time for them to leave. They are still wanted by the authorities in America. However, Arn proclaims they are Young All-Stars and the group will see to them getting absolved. Liberty Belle interjects the Young All-Stars will not be able to that. She goes on to say the Young All-Stars are gone. They are members of the all-Star Squadron.


    • This issue shows Miss Liberty with the All-Star Squadron but the previous issue shows Phantom Girl with the group.
    • The Tigress pinup was suppose to be included in a 1942 calendar featuring the "femme fatale". But, the cancellation of Young All-Stars ended that project. The Tigress pinup was the only calendar girl completed.
    • Final Issue of The Young All-Stars.

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    Issue 31 serves as the final issue in this series.   Fists are flying throughout the pages as the Sons of Dawn face-off against the combined might of the Young All-Star and the All-Star Squadron.   During this massive slug-fest, Iron Munro must face-off against his long lost father.  The art is ‘80s fabulous.   The story is paced well.     The heroes get the win.   However, the Sons of Dawn get shafted with how they get defeated.   The Sons were a powerhouse force that had the heroes on the r...

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