Young All-Stars #24

    Young All-Stars » Young All-Stars #24 - The Axis released by DC Comics on April 1989.

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    Baron Blitzkrieg has kidnapped America's atomic scientists. His objective: to have the fascist party build the world's first A-bomb.

    1. Cover by Unknown.
    2. "The Axis" "Part 4" written by Roy and Dann Thomas, penciled by Ron Harris, inked by Bob Downs (pages 1-16) and Mike Gustovich (pages 17-24), colored by Shelley Eiber and lettered by Jean Simek and Albert DeGuzman.

    In New York City, Arn has a vision of a dead Tigress being carried off by the valkyrie Gudra of Axis Amerika. Arn is outside of Columbia University with Fireball of the Young Allies. Fireball recounts the last day of peace in Russia before the Germans attacked.

    Fury is in St. Louis, Missouri with Phantasmo of the Young Allies. Sumo the Samurai and Baron Blitzkrieg are approaching. Phantasmo faces off against Sumo the Samurai. Meanwhile, Fury chases after Baron Blitzkrieg who has just entered a building where a few scientists are working on their part of the "Manhattan Project." As Fury approaches Blitzkireg, Tisiphone beckons Helen to release her.

    Tisiphone wants to channel Fury's rage and use it to destroy Blitzkrieg. Fury resists.

    She saves the scientist. However, Blitzkrieg runs off with the radioactive material. Phantasmo is stabbed by Sumo. This distracts Fury long enough for the villians to escape.

    Back in New York, Arn is ambushed by Ubermensch. Fireball arrives. She attacks Ubemensch. However, Gudra intervenes and asserts she will claim Fireball as her Spear-quarry. An injured Fireball escapes after some sailors snatch her unconscious body out of the river. Ubermensch carries off Prof Einstein and two other scientists. A lifeless Iron Munro is carried of by Gudra.

    Note: Story takes place on June 11 1942.


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