Young All-Stars #23

    Young All-Stars » Young All-Stars #23 - The Alchemists released by DC Comics on February 1989.

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    Four new heroes race to prevent Axis Amerika from capturing Allied scientists.

    Flying Fox, Neptune Perkins and Tsunami of the Young All-Stars are in San Francisco trying to link up with Kuei. As they arrive, Kuei is being attacked by local police officers. The officers see the young heroes and prepare to attack. The group manages to diffuse the situation. The foursome catch a cab to the University of California at Berkeley. They arrive just as Sea Wolf and Kamikaze of Axis Amerika are completing a mission to kidnap scientists working on the Uranium bomb. The villains escape with our heroes in hot pursuit. Sea Wolf drives the escape vehicle of a bridge. Kuei is holding on to the top of the van.

    The vehicle is actually a submarine. However, Kuei gets roughed up by Kamikaze. Tsunami and Neptune jump in afterwards. Nevertheless, they are also defeated. Sea Wolf and Kamikaze escape with the prisoners.

    Baron Blitzkrieg and Sumo are shown flying a plane somewhere over the Mississippi River. Blitzkrieg comments on the Young All-Stars worrying about a spy on their team. He further comments on finding the Allied spy placed in his own camp.

    Finally, Dyna-Mite, Tigress, Squire and Winged Victory are in Chicago. Dyna-Mite is attempting to pass a message from President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Robert J. Oppenheimer, Director of the Manhattan Project. Tigress, Squire and Winged Victory are guarding some other men at the Wrigley Building. Tigress reveals to Squire their assignment is to protect these men because they are working on the uranium bomb. Tigress kisses Squire. After pushing her away, he shows her a picture of his wife and son, Cyril. Dyna-Mite arrives just as Usil and the Horned Owl attack. Dyna-Mite is captured in a net with the scientists. Tigress and Squire fail to stop the villains. Tigress crashes into a billboard and is stabbed by a giant arrow. The final panel shows what looks like Tigress dying as Squire holds her.

    Note: Story takes place on June 11 1942.


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