Young All-Stars #22

    Young All-Stars » Young All-Stars #22 - The Allies released by DC Comics on January 1989.

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    Nuclear holocaust looms over the world and the All-Stars meet Axis Amerika in a long-awaited rematch.

    The Young All-Stars at the White House preparing to meet with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. A misunderstanding leads the Young All-Stars to attack the Young Allies. After President Roosevelt ceases the hostilities, the Young Allies introduce themselves.

    The President informs the Young All-Stars they will be accompanying the Young Allies on another Bond drive. The all stars agree. However, when everyone is released, Iron, Tigress and Dyna-Mite are called back. FDR informs them Fury may be an Axis spy. FDR reveals their real mission involves the creation of a uranium bomb.

    Axis Amerika recaptures a British prisoner for Baron Blitzkrieg in Mexico. Sumo the Samurai uses his abilities to obtain vital infomation from the prisoner. It is revealed Axis Amerika is to apprehend the same scientists the Young All-Stars and Allies have been sent to protect.

    Note: Story takes place on June 10 1942.


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