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    Yoshikage Kira is the main antagonist of Diamond is Unbreakable. Kira is a serial killer, characterized as highly egocentric and psychopathic, with a few obsessive-compulsive tendencies. He is also a hand fetishist.

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    Diamond is Unbreakable

    Yoshikage Kira is a 33-year-old salesman who lives in Morioh. He is tall and handsome with light wavy hair, usually wears a light Valentino suit and a dark tie patterned by a column of skull pictures. Although he lives a peaceful and quiet life, the dark secret behind his facade is that he is actually a psychopathic serial killer who is obsessed with hands. He cannot resist his desire to kill beautiful women and cut their hands, then keep a victim's hand as his imagined "girlfriend" before it decays. After a pair of hands start to decay, Kira abandons them and searching for the next victim. The most dangerous part of Kira is that he is actually a Stand User with a Stand named Killer Queen.

    Killer Queen

    In an unknown year, Yoshikage Kira's father gets a mysterious golden arrow from an old lady, and it appears like he stabs himself and Kira with this arrow. This move makes Kira a Stand User. Stands are entities generated from people's life energy, each stand has a unique superpower, and people who have abilities to summon stands were called "Stand Users". Kira's stand is named Killer Queen, it appears like a tall, muscular man with pink skin and cat-like ears.

    As a Stand User, Kira can summon Killer Queen whenever he wants or hides it in his body. Killer Queen is a close-range Stand, it normally stays about 2 meters from Kira's body after being summoned. The power of Killer Queen is to transform any objects into bombs.

    Powers of Killer Queen

    • Bomb#1 (Bomb transmutation): Killer Queen can charge any object with explosive energy by touching the object with its fingers. The Stand can then detonate the energy with a move like pressing its thumb. This power is already revealed able to transfer coins, buttons, door handle, and human bodies into bombs. It can control the size of the explosion in a certain range, and this explosion usually destroys the object it targeted completely without any remains. With the power to control the explosion range, Killer Queen can also determine parts of the selected object to remain.
    • Bomb#2 (Sheer Heart Attack): An entity looks like a blue toy tank with a skull attached to the forehand that can be detached from Killer Queen's left hand. It tracks targets' body temperature, and once it finds a living thing, it will move to it and destroy it by creating a powerful explosion. It is so hard that nearly indestructible, at least the most powerful Stand Star Platinum cannot break it by throwing punches.
    • Bomb#3 (Bites the Dust): After accidentally be stabbed by the Arrow, Kira learns his third power. If he inserts Bites the Dust in someone's body, anyone who knows his true identity from this person will be killed by an inner explosion and triggers the power of Bomb#3 to reverse time back one hour. Then in the new time loop, the one who investigates him will still be killed by the inner explosion, and it seems like the victim just disappears for no reason. However, when Kira using Bomb#3, Killer Queen cannot be summoned to protect himself. So that, if Kira summons back Killer Queen before the power of Bomb#3 triggers in a time loop, the victim won't be killed.
    • Strength: Killer Queen's physical strength is way stronger than an adult man. It can cuts people's hands off by hand chop, and Kira even cuts his own hand once by commanding Killer Queen to do so. It can also do fast punches, although its speed and strength are not compatible with powerful Stands like Star Platinum or Crazy Diamond, it still overpowers Echo and Heaven's Door in hand-to-hand combat.
    • Speed: Killer Queen is incredibly quick, being capable of matching the speeds of Star Platinum, who in turn is faster than Silver Chariot in its prime. It is also fast enough to react to attacks from Echoes Act 3 and Crazy Diamond.

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