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NameNicknameMasterMartial Arts StylesSymbolDou or Sei typeStatus
Kajima Satomin/aSaiga FurinjiFurinji Martial Art StyleShadown/aActive - Yomi Leader
Ryuto AsamiyaOdinOgata IsshinsaiAncient Martial Arts, Karate, BoxingFlowSei/DouActive - Former leader of Ragnarok
Boris Ivanovn/aAlexander GaidarCommando SamboIceSeiDefeated - Freelance
Radin Tidat JihanKing of SnakesSilcardo JenazadPencak SilatKingSeiDefeated - Returned to the thrown of Tidat
Rachel StanleyCastorDiego CarloLucha LibreSteelDouDefeated - Currently attending same school as the Shinpaku Alliance
Sho KanoSuparnaAkira Hongo - Primary (All One Shadow Nine fists trained Sho at some point.)Karate, Furinji Style, Ancient Martial Arts, Pencak Silat, Lucha Libre, Commando Sambo, Muy Thai, Jujitsu, Chinese Kenpo, and KalaripayttuSkyDou/SeiDefeated - Deceased sue to gunfire
Chikage Kushinadan/aMikumo KushinadaJujitsuWaterSeiActive
Tirawit KokinLion King GodAgaard Jum SaiMuy Thai, Muy BoranFlameSeiDefeated - Deported to Thailand
Ethan StanleyPolluxSehrul RahmanKalaripayttuVoidSeiDefeated - Currently training in India
Natsu TanimotoHermitSougetsu MaChinese KenpoMoonDouActive - Member of Shinpaku Alliance and former Ragnarok member
Li RaichiSparkLi TenmonZui Quan (Drunken Boxing)n/aDouDefeated
RimiAtlantisOgata IsshinsaiAncient Martial Artsn/aSeiActive
Chou EnshinPure DragonJisei RoChinese KenpoMoonDouDefeated - Usurped by Hermit, presumably killed by YAMI
BerserkerThe Invincible BrawlerOgata IsshinsaiStreet Fightingn/aDouActive - Former member of Ragnarok
Setan/aAkira HongoKaraten/aDouActive
LughSubmissionOgata IsshinsaiAncient Martial Artsn/aSeiActive
Hayamin/aAkira HongoKaraten/aDouActive
Tsukasan/an/aShamyo no Ryn/an/aDefeated - OVA only character
Yakabe Kurandon/an/aShamyo no Ryn/an/aDefeated - OVA only character

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