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Powers and Abilities

When he was younger Yomi was a brash and headstrong warrior that would rather fight than plan ahead. This nature robbed him of his sight and Yomi had to train himself to operate without it. Yomi grew two more sets of ears and gained enough hearing to hear everything within his city. Yomi's power grew to the point where he became one of the three demon kings. Though he is technically the weakest of the three Yomi is still one of the three most powerful demons. His now thoughtful nature allows him to think and react to situations appropriatley and quickly. Yomi is a master fighter with a number of different  techniques.
Siginature Moves
Demon Energy Absorption Wall:
Yomi is able to summon a spherical energy field that completely nullifies demon energy on contact. This is Yomi's ultimate defensive move. This technique does absolutley nothing against sacred or spirit energy though leaving Yomi open to attack.
Energy Blasts: A green colored energy blast that Yomi's uses as a long range attack. It is his version of the spirit gun and Yomi can change the size and destructive power at will.
Energy Blast Barrage: Yomi can fire multiple green energy blasts as a spread attack to cover more area.
Tornado Energy Blasts: Yomi charges his foist with demon energy and unleashes a green tinted tornado against this opponent.
Energized Punches: Yomi can concentrate his demon energy around his fists to increase the power of his punches/

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