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    Yoh is a world renowned slacker, but he hides his fierce fighting ability and natural leadership behind his nonchalant behavior. When push comes to shove though Yoh becomes a true warrior.

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    Personality and Appearance

    Yoh is a big time slacker. He is the kind of person who watches life flow by lazily because he enjoys the peaceful life he hopes for. Yoh is fiercely loyal to his friends, taking a lot of flack from some of his other friends for his patience when he is dealing with those that don't want to see life like him.

    The legendary slacker

    Yoh is also very protective and puts his life on the line a couple of times to protect those that he loves. Hidden beneath all his peaceful nature is a fierce warrior and a passionate leader.

    Yoh is a young Japanese boy who that keeps his hair long and held back by a pair of headphones he likes to keep with him. Usually Yoh wears his shirt unbuttoned and replaces his school shoes with a pair of wooden sandals. Yoh also likes to wear a clawed necklace. Later in the series he wears a black fighting suit that is trimmed in orange and his spirit pager on his wrist.

    Shaman King

    Early Story lines

    Yoh is not the first character introduced in the Shaman King series, but rather he is the friend that Manta Oyamada needed in life. Yoh is seen as being lackadaisical and irresponsible in Manta's eyes, but shows him what a true friend can be when he rescues him from Wooden Sword Ryu in the first volume of the series. To defeat the older and stronger gang of hateful teens Yoh recruits the help of a very cranky samurai warrior, Amidamaru.

    After battling with Amidamaru Yoh decides he wants to have the samurai as his constant companion on his way to become Shaman King.

    Making a New Ally

    Unfortunately Amidamaru is more reluctant and insists that he is waiting for someone and won't leave the hillside he is resting on. Yoh decides that he needs to find the way to get Amidamaru out of the cemetery so that they can fight together. After a little research Yoh finds Harusame, Spring Rain, Amidamaru's old sword.


    Along with the sword comes a new ally and another piece of Amidamaru's mysterious past. Yoh and Manta meet Mosuke, the swords smith who created Harusame, and Amidamaru's best friend. The two listen to the connection and how the sword will set Amidamaru in motion. Yoh integrates himself with Mosuke's soul and the two of them begin working and repairing Harusame. After a long night of toil and hard work Yoh brings the Harusame to Amidamaru and gives him a message from Mosuke. Feeling a deep sense of gratitude towards Yoh Amidamaru joins him finally in his quest to be Shaman King.

    Side Stories

    After getting his true ally Yoh and Manta begin to spend sometime trying to live what resembles a normal life. Unfortunately Yoh's calling as a Shaman makes it hard as he has to help a few lost souls as part of his everyday job. In the early stories Yoh helps two very hurt people find absolution. First Yoh has to help a spirit that was a painter who obsessed over his work. Unfortunately the spirit is too obsessed with the billboard he died trying to paint and attacks people when he senses their spirit energy. In a gesture to help the painter Yoh brings him the paint he wanted to finish his work. the billboard that the artist started is finished after he and Yoh integrate, and the spirit finally finds peace so that it can move on to the afterlife.

    The second person that Yoh helps isn't dead, he is another teenage. Yoh meets Tatsushi while he is trying to "fight off" the heat wave that has hit the city. In an attempt to make friends with the young man Yoh slaps him on the back and mentions the boxer that died before he could finish teaching him. Tatsushi blasts Yoh into the nurses office after one punch, but Yoh refuses to believe that Tatsushi is a bad guy and goes to find Gusshi Kenji. Later that night Yoh shows up at Gusshi's old gym and finds Tatsushi after he has beaten up Wooden sword Ryu. Already in a bad mood and lamenting the lose of his teacher Tatsushi attacks Yoh. Unfortunately for Tatsushi Yoh wasn't kidding when he bragged about how good he was. With Gusshi inside of him Yoh crushes Tatsushi, which leaves Tatsushi with one final chance to see his master. The day after the boxing match Yoh regrets ever letting Gusshi into his body and insists that he never wants to use a boxer again.

    In another story before Yoh meets his first big adversary he takes sometime to relax as the heat wave closes out. Yoh and Manta are enjoying a quite day, eating shaved ice and discussing Amidamaru's multiple benefits. Suddenly the shop owner runs down the steps screaming about the fire that has broken out in the upstairs Chinese restaurant. After exiting the building Yoh sends Amidamaru up to check for trapped victims in the building and the status of the closest firetruck. When Amidamaru reports that there are children trapped on top of the building and that traffic has blocked any firetrucks from getting through. Yoh instinctively responds by dousing himself with water from a bucket and running for the building. Amidamaru tries to stop Yoh, but is talked into helping by making sure Yoh survives and makes it out alive. As Yoh is headed up the stair case to the ceiling the railing comes off in his hand as a wall crumbles. In the split seconds before the wall collapses Amidamaru takes over Yoh's body and cuts his way to the ceiling. Once on the top of the building Amidamaru uses the railing to break open the water tank on top of the building, releasing the contents down over the fire and putting it out. In the distance Yoh's next foes awaits, watching and gathering information while Yoh recuperates.

    Tao Ren


    After returning to school Yoh becomes bombarded by Manta about having met another Shaman. Yoh,, being the laid back guy that he is, begins to think that this is the chance to make a new friend. However when he finally gets the chance to met Ren he realizes that he is actually a very dangerous foe. At first he stops Ren from killing a person, but that quickly leads to a battle between the two of them. Yoh manages to hold his own by integrating with Amidamaru and getting a hold of a pipe to use as a sword.

    Tao Ren, Yoh's rival

    After he manages to deflect Bason's, Ren's Spirit Ally, Yoh finds out that Ren has perfected the integration technique the hard way. Ren uses his 100% integration to deliver an attack that nearly kills Yoh, all so that he can take Amidamaru as his own. Yoh manages to survive and returns to the battle, but tries to get Amidamaru to leave while he handles Ren. Amidamaru refuses and convinces Yoh to fight with him again so that they can stop Ren from harming anyone else. After integrating Amidamaru and Yoh become perfectly synchronized and attack again, using one of Amidamaru's powerful sword arts to win. The two don't have much time to celebrate though as the use of 100% integration and the wounds Ren inflicted take their toll on Yoh.

    Childhood Memories

    Yoh has a flashback at the start of the next story line where he is remembering his training under his grandfather. Back when he was four years old Yoh was sent out to the mountains to train in the art of summoning and controlling nature's spirits. Yoh, being the lazy individual he is quickly dumped into water by his grandfather's Leaf Shikigami. Before getting out of the water Yoh's grandfather talks to him about deciding on which Shamanic path he will follow after, Onmyoji (Soothsayers), Itako (Medium), Cleric, or Ascetic monk (Channels gods). Of course in his youthful ignorance Yoh insists that he doesn't want to be a shaman but wants only to sit and listen to music all day long. Which leads to a knot being left on his head as his grandfather punishes him for his stupidity. Later that night Yoh's grandpa points out the fact that nature, which shaman revere with great honor, is losing it's place on earth to the cities and civilization of man. Yoh listens intently to his grandfather's lecture and actually ends being inspired by the story of the "Great Spirit". Oddly though, Yoh is more inspired by the idea of becoming Shaman King so that he can relax forever rather than being inspired to become a great leader who will bring forth a new age of prosperity for man kind. Again, Yoh is physically disciplined by his grandfather.

    Outta of the Pan...

    Yoh wakes up after his flashback in the hospital, his energy depleted and his body wounded. When Yoh awakens he is greeted by his friend Manta, but the happiness of being alive and have beaten Tao Ren are shortly lived as he is brought face to face with his most crippling adversary. His thirteen year old wife Anna, long story short though, it is an arranged marriage that hasn't taken place yet. Anna begins lecturing Yoh on becoming a stronger shaman and explains that she was sent to whip him into shape. While Anna forces herself back into Yoh's life all he can do is take the punishment and push on hoping that he will eventually find reprieve from his tormentor. Unfortunately for Yoh, even school isn't a sanctuary for him as she begins attending all his classes and making his training and physical conditioning continue on into his school time. Yoh also has to sit by while Anna verbally assaults Amidamaru as she demonstrates that her favorite form of endearment is to abuse those around her.

    Kung- Fu Masters

    Yoh gets the chance to finally to relax a little as Anna, Manta, Amidamaru, and himself score some free tickets for a movie, starring the legendary Lee Bailong. Yoh becomes engaged in how amazing of a fighter that Bailong is and ends up sitting through a short lecture by Manta on how awesome Bailong is. After the short speech the group decides to head out, but are stopped by a strange young woman who has a secret for them. Tao Jun introduces herself and unveils her spirit ally, Lee Bailong.

    Manta Oyamada, Yoh's best friend

    Jun offers Yoh a chance to surrender Amidamaru, but he happily declines the offer and goes on the attack, which turns out is not such a good thing for him and Amidamaru. Bailong proves to be too quick with his Kung- Fu and nunchakus, and knocks Yoh through a loop in no time. Yoh finds a little time to recuperate as Jun tells everyone how powerful a Jiang- Si (reanimated corpse) can be, having Bailong begin to punish Yoh again, this time with the execution command in effect. Amidamaru and Yoh manage to formulate a plan of attack for handling Bailong, but it is ineffective as Amidamaru points out that the pipe they are fighting with doesn't help emulate a sword that well. As Yoh begins to take a severe beating Manta runs off leaving his friend to defend himself. Yoh watches with concern as Manta runs off labeled a coward by Jun.
    Anna Kyoyama, Yoh's fiancee

    Luckily for Yoh this isn't true as Manta returns shortly with a new weapon to help out his friend. Yoh takes the wooden sword that Manta brings back for him and lets Amidamaru perform his magic. Yoh and Amidamaru unless the Shock Wave Buddha- Giri. The attack lands splitting the command tag on Bailong's forehead effortlessly. With the battle over Yoh tries talk some with Bailong, but it is too late. Bailong is flooded with his memories and rage, and Yoh is crazy enough to step between him and his revenge in a hop of waking him from his anger. Bailong proves too much this time for a wooden sword and someone reluctant to kill. Yoh is beaten ruthlessly as Bailong attacks again, but with help from Anna Yoh manages to turn the tables. Anna channels the spirit of Bailong's old master Sha- Wen. Yoh's body responds to Sha- Wen's spirit and proves that the 98 year old man was still a greater master than he may have appeared. The old masters spirit in Yoh moves him and defends against Bailong's rage filled attacks, waiting patiently until the chance presents itself or him to strike and delivers body crushing blows to Bailong. Eventually the old master and Yoh go for his ultimate technique and finish off the Young Kung Fu master. Yet again, though, Yoh has overexerted his strength integrating with two souls, multiple times with Amidamaru, and taking the beating that he was given.

    Possessed Ryu Madness

    After taking a little time to heal, Anna doesn't give Yoh much, the easy spirited Yoh goes wooden sword shopping with Manta. Feeling bad for haven broken Ryu's old sword Yoh tries buying another one to replace it for Ryu. As luck would have it though Yoh forgets to bring his money and asks Manta to pay, but promises to pay it back when they get to Yoh's house. After reassuring Manta that it will be okay he brings his friend to the Inn that he is renting. When questioned by Manta Yoh calmly explains that he only rents the large place, but it is cheaper for him because he splits the rent with Anna.After an embarrassing exchange with Ryu Yoh remembers that he has the wooden sword, but it is too late as Anna's new admirer skulks off in disbelief that the two live together. As Yoh and his friends sit down to eat dinner Anna and him explain to Manta why the rent is so low, their houses is haunted. Yoh says bye to Manta as the number of ghosts in the house proves to be too much for him, but is troubled later as he feels the backlash from Tokagero's kidnapping him. Dismissing it as a random thought Yoh tries to finish using the restroom, but is interrupted by Amidamaru as he pops in to explain that something has in fact happened to Manta. Before Yoh can spring into action though Tokagero (possessing Ryu's body) arrives at the inn. Yoh and Amidamaru dumb their way through what they believe is happening, but are brought to speed by Anna's no nonsense brow beating. As Yoh and Amidamaru try figuring out what has happened they ask questions trying to figure out who Tokagero is. When he explains to them why he has come they can only make the realization that neither of them know who he is. As they spring into attack mode Yoh and Amidamaru are met by a new problem, Tokagero is using Harusame. Yoh manages to evade the attack as his body shifts out of the way of the attack. After Amidamaru uses some time to meditate on the past in the sword he comes to a conclusion, and he allows Yoh to break the sword to save Manta. Yoh and Amidamaru watch as Tokagero goes for his back up plan, but is stopped by Ryu's gang. Unsure of what to do Yoh approaches Tokagero to appeal to his kinder side. Yoh offers repeatedly to help Tokagero find happiness by asking him just to leave Ryu. As things begin to look bleak for Ryu, his body is slowly dying from the strain of having been forced into a possession without having a tolerance for it, Yoh approaches Tokagero again, but this time Anna steps in to banish his soul. Unconvinced that Anna's approach is right Yoh stops her and offers himself as a sacrifice to Tokagero. Yoh even contains Amidamaru to his grave tablet so that Tokagero can try for redemption. Everything looks grim for Yoh when he does let Tokagero possess him completely, even Anna becomes worried that Yoh won't survive. Luckily for him though, his plan pays off as his want to let Tokagero know that he can trust people gets through. With Tokagero appeased Yoh sits back and drifts off into the comfort of knowing that he has survived yet again, of course Anna is now prepared to kill him for having made her worry.

    Old Friends, New Friends

    When Yoh finally gets around to moving about and recovering from the long night of possessions he greeted with mild surprise at the fact that Ryu has been up and going at it for sometime. Yoh listens to Ryu intently as he explains that he is upset and feels he owes Amidamaru and Yoh for their saving him at the cost of Amidamaru's greatest treasure Harusame. Yoh eventually talks with Anna and the two decide that it would be better if they just summoned Mosuke and fixed the sword. Yoh and Anna move quickly and integrate Mosuke with Ryu while Yoh forces an integration with Amidamaru. The two integrations allows the two friends to use the young men's bodies so that they can see each other and fix Harusame once again.

    Star Gazers

    As Yoh returns to his training to become a better Shaman Anna chases off anyone who would distract him, leaving Yoh and herself at teh inn to train. As his friends find their ways off Yoh and Anna witness the coming of the great comet Rahu. Yoh and Anna welcome the comet as the herald of the coming Shaman fights, which will bring about the crowning of the next Shaman King. Yoh watches the comet pass him hoping to be the next Shaman King.

    Entry Fee

    Yoh doesn't really get a chance to prepare for the coming tournament so much as he gets physically tortured until Anna is happy with his progress, Yoh does manage to find some alone time with Manta so that he can get a reprieve before he has to worry about the tournament any more. Even this relaxation time is ruined by a nosy trinket peddler on the street close to where Yoh and Manta are talking. Deciding not to stick around too long Yoh leaves and goes back to the Funibar Hills where he first met Amidamaru so that he can get away from his training. Yoh still doesn't find any rest though as he gets drug into an argument with Amidamaru about being too relaxed about the Shaman fight. Refusing to become too uptight about the fight Yoh insist that Amidamaru not worry so much about the future, but instead focus on the moment to moment details of life.

    While the two friends begin to understand each other a new intruder arrives and introduces himself as Silva, an officiant of the Patch Tribe whom oversees the Shaman King Tournament. Yoh tries getting information on his opponents strange animal familiars, but only gets the point that he is suppose to fight Silva to get the Oracle Pager, a device that passes on info for future Shaman Fights, as proof of his qualifying for the tournament. Yoh goes on the offensive to try to land the one required hit on his opponent, but is astonished and made a fool as he is out ran, tossed, blocked and blasted all over the high points of the cemetery. By the time Yoh gets situated he learns that his adversary has five total familiars, each giving unique abilities, and that him and Amidamaru integrating are still unable to win. Ditching his usual efforts to try and win Yoh takes a hold of and throws Amidamaru in his flame form at Silva, which does no damage to their opponent. Starting to get frustrated Yoh begins using one of Anna's exorcism chants, which ultimately does nothing but almost send Amidamaru to heaven. To the point of being ready to scream Yoh finally notices all the small animal bones, feathers, scales, teeth and what- not that are emitting energy that us forming the Oversouls on Silva. Through his use of basic observation Yoh realizes that his opponent is using the animal remains to focus the energy of his mana to make his powerful Oversouls. With that knowledge Yoh convinces Amidamaru to integrate with his sword Harusame. The resulting fusion makes a massive Oversoul on Yoh's right arm and puts Yoh one step closer to qualifying. However, Silva has other plans as he goes to his next level of integration to face off with Yoh. The two have a showdown and let loose at each other with all the power that they can muster. In a display of unimaginable power Yoh not only stops Silva's attack, but he cuts through it and splits all the Totem guardians of Silva's in half, resulting in a successful attack that land on Silva and passes Yoh to the next level of the Shaman Fights.

    Later that evening Yoh returns home to show off his new Oracle Pager to Anna and Manta, but all that he gets from it is the beating of a lifetime as Anna thinks he has met another young woman and is thinking of leaving her. Yoh tries to explain the truth to her, but when she finds the hair that Silva left on Yoh accidentally he gets the death stare. Then when he tries to show Anna his new technique as proof of his innocence Yoh realizes too late that he has used up all of his Mana and can't create an Oversoul. The position that Yoh and Amidamaru put her in is even worse than the one before as she is not trying to kill Yoh. As Anna starts to get even more out of control Yoh's life is saved by his Pager as it goes off to tell him who his first opponent will be.

    Cold Front

    Yoh gets his first surprise from Anna shortly after his first fight is announced too. The two weeks before the fight is to commence are left open for Yoh as Anna begins a secret close door project. With nothing better to do Yoh and Manta begin to study his opponent's name and try to figure out if they can determine his power level. It proves slightly helpful as they learn that Yoh's opponent is from the far north reaches of Japan. Yoh just laughs it off and goes about being his usual lazy self as the match date draws near.

    As the two weeks come to an end Yoh and friends go to the Sunshine building in Ike- Ikebukuro. Before things get too serious though Anna gives Yoh the secret project that she had been working on, his new battle outfit. Yoh quickly points out how much the outfit looks like his old training uniform that his Grandfather taught him in. As midnight draws near Yoh is greet by his first opponent Horohoro, the Ainu. Yoh isn't the first to strike though as Anna knocks Horohoro into the air for making fun of the uniform she gave Yoh. Yoh tries to introduce himself to Horohoro, but doesn't get much as Horohoro displays his Spirit Ally and Oversoul and then demands to see Yoh's. Yoh doesn't show his though as he would rather try and hear about Horohoro's dream that he began to tell him about. As Horohoro begins to attack Yoh is left with no choice but to use his Oversoul and wait for the match to start.

    When the countdown for the match to start finishes Yoh defends himself against all of Horohoro's attacks, but doesn't attack back until Horohoro tells him his dream. When Yoh finally hears what Horohoro is up to he initially wants to forfeit, but a punch form Anna drives Yoh to make another decision as he just announces that he will make Horohoro's dream part of his dream as being Shaman King, so that the Kuropokkur

    Yoh goes on the offensive and drives Horohoro back using his muscle memory of Amidamaru's techniques and his Oversoul. Yoh looks like he has the match won with ease when suddenly he is faced with a new problem, Horohoro's ultimate attack, an avalanche made produced by Kuroro and Horohoro's mana. Yoh doesn't back down though as he goes at the avalanche and prepares to attack back with all his power too. For a moment after the attack finishes Yoh disappears under the snow, but he comes out with his Oversoul blazing still and delivers the last attack as he gains his first win. Of course he doesn't hit Horohoro as his mana has been depleted giving Yoh the win.

    Back at the Inn Yoh celebrates his victory with a feast prepared by Ryu and his gang, Anna, Manta, and Horohoro?! After the battle the two become close friends as Horohoro has no hard feelings for having lost to such a good person. Their party is cut kind of short though as Horohoro's sister/ trainer Pirka drags her brother away and proclaims her hatred for Yoh.

    Taking a Breather

    After his fight with Horohoro Yoh gets a notice that he has another fight coming up, but that is pretty much the last thing on his mind. After the harsh words from Pirka Yoh can't seem to shake the feelings that he gets when people say that they hate him. Yoh tries to pass it from his mind, but is reminded by Manta that he can't let himself be consumed by it as he will undoubtedly have more and more people hating him as the end of the tournament draws near. Yoh admits that he is will find a way to help make a better world.

    Sinister Intent

    Yoh begins preparing for his next battle as soon as he can, but his next opponent proves to be very difficult. When Yoh, Manta, and Anna go to the chosen battle ground Anna gets pulled to the side by Silva to discuss the next opponent. Yoh and Manta on the other hand are lift out in the rain to wait. Suddenly Yoh is approached by a strange young man who is very polite and announces himself as Yoh's next opponent. As Yoh begins to introduce himself Amidamaru cuts him off warning him of the fact that Faust VIII smells of death. Yoh and Manta try to understand who Faust VIII is, but by the time they realize he is the descendant of the fabled Faust who contracted with the devil. Faust explains that he has followed after his ancestors footsteps after his wife was murdered, and while Yoh is distracted Faust uses several skeleton's to kidnap Manta. As Yoh tries to stop the skeletons he is tackled and held back by another group of skeletons. While Faust cuts open Manta to inspect his body he doesn't notice when the enraged Yoh gets free and smashes him in the head with his sheathed katana. The two begin a very long and drawn out battle, and the timer hasn't even started yet. When the time of the battle is in full swing Yoh has already used up most of his mana, and Faust is still in full control of his own. Yoh manages to drive Faust until he uses his true oversoul and empowers his wives skeleton with Mana until she gets to the point of being covered in flesh and capable of full movement. Eliza strikes at Yoh viciously, driving him back and wounding him severely. In a last minute effort Yoh manages to focus what little bit of mana he has left into the tip of his blade and strikes back. His most effective attack is not his sword though as his words finally push Faust off the deep end, causing Eliza's attacks to become angry and open. eventually Faust gets so mad he creates his largest skeleton warrior to crush Yoh, but before he can finish his attack Tao Ren breaks his oversoul. Silva announces that Yoh has lost as his oversoul had disappeared before the Ren stepped in, and that Faust was the winner despite being struck down by Ren. As Yoh begins to wonder what exactly has happened Ren announces that he is Yoh's next opponent in the shaman fight.

    Deep Dark

    As Manta awakens in the hospital he comes to Yoh's room to check on him. Inside he finds that Yoh is sitting up in bed waiting to talk to him. Yoh doesn't look at his friend as he tells him to go home, that he can't be his friend anymore. After manta leaves Anna complains to Yoh that he chose to say the opposite of what he should have said. Yoh laments the loss of his close friend as he packs up and prepares for a long trip with Anna back home. When Yoh arrives home he is greeted by his grandfather who informs him that he has only one option left for his training, and it may just kill him. Yoh is led to the entrance of a cave that will cut off all his physical senses and require him to use only his shamanic skills to find his way about the cave and to the other end. Yoh enters the cave and begins the next step in his journey to the top. After several days and a misadventure that brings Manta to the shrine Yoh emerges and prepares to face his next great challenge, Tao Ren. First though he gets rid of some pesky combatants that are trying to cut him out early in the Shaman Fights.

    Round 2, Ren's Revenge?

    Yoh makes his way back to Tokyo finishes any last minute preparations that he might need before his battle. As the fight approaches Yoh gets set in his mind and waits for Ren to show up. As the final countdown begins at the chosen arena Yoh and Ren exchange unpleasentries and break out in a fierce battle. At first Yoh looks like he is in a very bad underdog position. Everytime Yoh seems to get close to Ren he ends up getting his oversoul burst, but nothing is as bad as it might look. Even though Yoh is taking some damage he reveals that he is actually using less of his energy and still managing to break Ren's Oversoul. Ren becomes angry that he is getting beaten by a foe who isn't even using hsi full strength and decides it is too late in the fight to draw it out. Instead he pulls up all his mana to use on his medium and embues a horse with the soul of Bason's horse, giving it the much needed experience that will allow it to maximize it's possible use in the battle. Yoh answers in kind and puts all his remainig mana into Amidamaru and the Harusame. THe two collide in a massive explosion of energy causing Silva's spirit allies to reel in amazement. As the smoke clears Ren begins admitting his defeat, but surprisingly Yoh admits that he too has lost his Oversoul. The two turn to their officiant for a ruling aned get the double victory, allowing both of them to pass to the next level in the Shaman Fight.

    After the battle Yoh and Ren find their way back to the Inn and celebrate their both passing the first round. Many of the attendants are surprised by how serious Ren can be despite the fact that Yoh is so easy going and encouraging him to relax. Yoh and his team later learn that Ren was relaxing as Bason points out. As the nigtdraws to an end Ren announces he is leaving, despite Yoh's offer for him to stay on as a guest.

    Abilities and Powers

    Human Abilities

    As a human Yoh has very few powers, but each of those lead into a stronger power that he has as a shaman.

    Muscle Memory

    Common concept of practice makes permanent. Yoh has the ability to learn quicker than most people just by having done a movement or technique a few times. He learns most of Amidamaru's sword techniques from having Amidamaru inhabit his body and performing them through him.

    Soul Integration

    As a Shaman Yoh has a strong body that has been honed by his training under his grandfather and Anna so that he can sustain a lot of physical punishment and strain so that his endurance and strength are higher than most people would guess. These attributes help Yoh to combine with spirits so that he can more efficiently battle unsing a ghost strength.

    Shamanic Abilities

    Amidamaru Abilities

    When integrated with Amidamaru Yoh gains several attacks that derive from Amidamaru's Sword arts. Amongst these Yoh has the Tathagata. The Tathagata is a two sword technique that allows Yoh to strike with blinding speed and destroy his enemies after drawing his swords from a sheathed position at his hips.

    Another Technique that he gains from Amidamaru is the Shock Wave Buddha Giri. Using a super fast sword strike Yoh can attack much farther than his sword allows. By forcing the air along his blade to sweep out and slash anyone in it's path. The Buddha Giri is a technique Amidamaru developed to fight over 600 men at one time.


    By using the energy of his spirit Yoh can transfix Amidamaru into other objects so that he can use the next level of his Soul Integration, the Oversoul. While using Amidamaru in Oversoul Mode Yoh can use his ally as a sword form or as a shield form. Later in the series he learns to combine Amidamaru with two mediums and increases Amidamaru's power to a new level where he creates a giant blade of mana.

    Other Shamanic Skills

    Along with the ability to integrate with a soul Yoh also learns a few tricks from Anna. At one point Yoh tries to use a cleansing chant to try to get rid of Silva's guardian, but it is only effective against human spirits.


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