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In the war-torn Vegan solar system Tigorr rescues the two surviving Vegans from the Viathan onboard. One is Oho-Besh, a minstrel from Changralyn, and Yndamaati, Kalista's niece from Euphorix. Artin brings them to Refuge, an artificial moon he has secretly been building above the planet Kuraq. Dorg emerges as leader of the refugees, dissenting and asking why go to wild Kuraq when the moon is inhabitable? Tigorr replies that the refugees must take hold of their own destiny.

Auron attacks Omega Men in space near Tamaran, and severely burns Ynda. Elu seeks advice from Nightwing; he has become concerned about his friendship with Ryand'r since Ynda entered the picture. Elu explains that since people of his kind do not have sexual relationships, friendship is their strongest bond.

Ryand'r soon finds life unlivable under Komand'r and contacts the Omega Men to retrieve him. The team sets out to rescure Primus and Kalista on Euphorix. Once there, they descend into the same well as their former leaders in Euphorix's Witch Wood. They soon discover that their friends have been trapped all this time deep within the planet, in an abandoned Psion control center. There, Kalista reveals that she is pregnant. Between them, they devise an escape plan and Artin retrieves them. Ryand'r reconciles with his love, Ynda, and creates a recording of these events and via Artin, sends a message to his sister Koriand'r on Earth.

When the Dominators and Khunds began forming an Alliance for the invasion Earth, several Vegan races including the Okaarans, Gordanians, Psions and New Citadel to join them. This powerful Alliance imprisons many of the universe's greatest heroes on the Starlag. The Starlag is based in the Vegan system and run by the Citadel. By this time, the Spider Guild are working simply as "independent contractors" to the Alliance instead of joining it. The Dominion sends a fake distress call from Primus and Kalista which lures Tigorr and the other Omegans into a Durlan trap. In this hopeless battle, three Omega Men are killed: Ynda, Felicity and the Green Man. All the others, including Broot, Harpis, Doc, Shlagen, Oho Besh, Ryand'r and Tigorr are captured.

After joining forces with Kalista as an Omega Man, Ynda would have a brief romance with Ryand'r. Ynda was later killed during Invasion.

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