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Yith was born as a 6 generation descendant of Set. According to Ian McNee, Yith may have a claim to the Serpent Crown.


Yith was hired by Mr. Arliss, the head of Monnano, a company which thrives on genetically altered food.  Monnano's chemical dumps on a river caused the cancer on Martha and Billy Connors, wife and son of the Curt Connors (the Lizard). Mr. Arliss hired to kill Dr. Connors before he became a nuisance, since he was trying to implicate them for giving his wife cancer.  The chemicals did not give Connors cancer, but instead made it possible for him to transform into the Lizard.  Connors got stressed, transformed into the Lizard, and attacked Mr. Arliss. Yith then came in and pointed her machine guns at the Lizard.

Yith and Lizard fought back and forth until Spider-Man showed up. When he did, the Lizard ran away. Arliss lied and said that Yith was hired as private security and that the Lizard was trying to kill them. Spider-Man left, even though he didn't believe them, and Yith went out to try to kill Curt Connors again. Later, Curt Connors was distraught over the revelation that his son also got cancer from Arliss's company, and Yith sat unseen, preparing to move in for the kill.

After Spider-Man obtained proof of Arliss's guilt, Yith attacked him. Spider-Man eventually left, but not before Yith destroyed his evidence. Yith offered to Arliss to kill Spider-Man as well for more money; however, Arliss declined. Later on, Spider-Man encountered the Lizard and a fight ensued. Yith interfered and shot the Lizard in the shoulder. She then went on to choke the weakened, injured Lizard with her tail.

After failing to talk Yith out of killing the Lizard, Spider-Man intervened, and the Lizard escaped. Yith was yelled at by Arliss for letting Lizard get away again. Yith explained (violently) to Arliss that she is not to be yelled at or threatened.  They agreed to double her fee if she killed Mr. Holder (a mole in Arliss's company) as well. Curt Connors went to Arliss after his wife died, and he met Yith in the elevator. She sympathized with the loss of his wife and took him to Arliss. There, Connors turned into Lizard and had a fight with Spider-Man who arrived to prevent the Lizard from killing anyone. Arliss kept telling Yith to kill Lizard, but she kept saying, "not yet." Eventually the fight with Spider-Man and Lizard ended.  Out of sympathy for Curt she kills Arliss' instead, saying she's never been in love.

Yith was present at the auction of the Venom symbiote.  She may also have been present at the auction of the Scorpion suit.

Powers & Abilities

Yith has many reptilian features.  She has the lower body of a snake, and can use her tail as a weapon, vertically-slitted eyes, a forked tongue, fangs, claws, scales, and produces venom. She also has undefined super-human strength in her arms on par with Spider-Man and the Lizard.  She is superhumanly fast, agile, and nimble enabling her to scale buildings quickly and match the Lizard's and Spider-Man's agility.  Her tail is super-humanly strong as well, capable of lifting 2 tons, used generally for coiling and strangulation.  Her skin is highly resistant to injury and her scaly hide can withstand impact from small-caliber bullets.  Her venom is a chemical cocktail of neurotoxins and necrotoxins, superficially causing pain, swelling and necrosis, but internally able to cause a fatal respiratory collapse. 

She carries a pair of sub-machineguns with her. She is a good marksman and assassin.
  She wears sunglasses and a long dress to conceal her eyes and tail.


Height: 6'1'' (typical), 13'8'' (full length)
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Black with green sclera
Hair: Auburn

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