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Brief History

Ho Yinsen lived in Timbetpal.  There he worked as a pacifistic physicist, professor and engineer.  Communist warlord Wong-Chu Vietnam seizes and takes Yinsen and Tony Stark hostage. Tony was dying. He had stepped on a landmine and shrapnel from the explosion mave slowly moving towards his heart. Wong-Chu ordered the hostages to create a powerful weapon for the Communists and gave them full access to a laboratory. However, instead of a weapon, Yinsen creates a magnetic plate for Tony, to prevent the shrapnel from reaching his heart. Working together with Stark, they create the first Iron Man armor, and build it around the magnetic chest-plate. After donning the armor Stark needs time to allow the suit to fully charge. Sensing something amiss, Wong-Chu, together with his armed men, he wanted to visit the prisoners.  Ho Yinsen decides to divert them to give Tony more time for the suit to charge.  Knowing he was going to his death, Yinsen bought Tony enough time fully charge the suit, dying at the hands of Wong-Chu's soldiers. Tony, putting on the armor for the first time, used it to avenge his friend and escape Wong-Chu's clutches. Upon returning to America, he began his heroic career as The Invincible Iron Man,

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