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    Former member of superhero team First Line

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    Brief History

    Yeti is an Inhuman mutated by the Terrigen Mist and was part of the superhero team First Line. During a battle while serving with the First Line he entered the fray but lost control and became a raging beast; his team mate Rapunzel used a piece of hair to distract him and he quickly calmed down. After this incident, he left the team in shame of his behavior. He tried to return to Attilan but wound up lost in the Himalayas. He set up in an abandoned temple in the Himalayas to survive. After this he was found by a Skrull woman named Khoyra. She manipulated Yeti into helping her with an invasion of Earth. The First Line repelled the attack, and Khoyra was killed by an unknown cause. Yeti took the body back to his temple and refused to leave it as it decayed. After this, little was seen of him for a while in comics. When Havok and Polaris were searching for a mutant that Cerebro had located, Yeti threw a boulder at them because he wanted to be alone. This knocked them out the sky. When they searched the temple, Yeti attacked them. The X-Men came to support Havok and Lorna but Yeti's rage overcame him. After a short battle, Pixie, another ex-member of the First Line arrived with the Inhuman royal family and turned Yeti to stone temporarily and explained the situation to the X-Men before allowing them to leave.


    Yeti possesses incredible strength. He also has razor sharp claws and teeth. He is easily angered and suffers from bouts of insanity when he becomes too angry. However this savage, animal nature in these situations makes him almost unbeatable. He has been calmed by pretty things that catch his eye.


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