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Yellowjacket's secret identity is crime writer, Vince Harley. After a group of jewel robbers attempted to kill him by pouring a box of yellowjackets on him, he found that he had gained the ability to control yellowjackets, and used that ability to fight crime.

Yellowjacket starred in his own title, Yellowjacket Comics, which was published for 10 issues from 1944 to 1946. There was no artist or writer credited for the stories. These ten issues were published by "E. Levy/Frank Comunale", which later became Charlton. When the title was renamed Jack in the Box, Yellowjacket appeared in the first issue, #11. He also appeared in TNT Comics #1, which was published by "Charles Publications".

Due to copyright laws at the time of his inception, Yellowjacket lapsed into the public domain on the 28th anniversary of his initial published appearance.

Yellowjacket No. 7 - Yellowjacket meets his love interest Diane Carter and his archenemy Professor Thaddeus Rollins.

In this issue, Yellwojacket helps a man from being attack by thugs. The man belongs to a group called the "Lonely Ones". Unknown to the man the thugs work Professor Rollins who heads "The Lonely Ones". The group is for people who have no family and friends. The group has it's members take out insurance policies. The money goes to the group if anything happens to them. Professor Rollins has each member killed for the insurance money.

Yellowjacket investigates "The Lonely Ones" and meets Professor Rollins face to face. Professor Rollins has hypnotized Diane Carter, a member of the group, and is having her kill herself by stepping into traffic. Yellowjacket catptures Professor Rollin and his men with the aid of his trained yellowjackets. And just in the nick of time he stops Diane from stepping int front of the truck.  


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