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    Yellow is a young Pokémon trainer that is more into helping Pokémon through healing rather than battling.

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    Yellow's 'Pokemon Adventure'

    Yellow is one of the main characters at the start of the Pokemon Adventure series, and we see in the later chapters some too. Although she is the youngest of the 1st main bunch (only 14 years old) she still is extremely skilled and an advanced pokemon trainer along with pokemon healer too. The Pokemon Adventure series features Yellow mostly in a yellow/black outfit with sometimes a sun hat and/or fishing pole present.

    Secrets of Yellow...

    Yellow is the main protagonist of the Yellow series. Her 1st appearance is really when Red saves her in the Viridian forest since then she has had a crush on him. Another fact about Yellow is that every several years in her home town (Viridian City) a child is born to heal and read the minds of pokemon and Yellow is one of them! She reads the minds of pokemon by just touching there heads. Given that she can read the minds of pokemon she hardly ever takes part in battles because she doesn't like to see them get hurt. Given that Yellow can form such a great connection with pokemon, she can use her ability to raise a pokemon's level ten fold for a battle of two. This however leaves extremely tired and she is often found randomly sleeping after this. Also, for a long time Blue had Yellow pretend to be a boy. This was because Blue thought Yellow was too young to handle her feminism and it would only cause her trouble.

    Yellow's Adventurous Lifestyle

    Yellow has many connections in the pokemon world, such as her uncle and her traveled all over Johto together to find new pokemon and for him to fish (his job is as a fisherman). She also teamed up with Green Oak to train to search for Red. Through her training she learned many things of battling, raising, and also of evolutions with pokemon. Yellow hated the idea of changing her friends and would only do so when the time came. She had to finally make the decision when she battled Lance.

    Current Pokemon


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