Character » Yazz appears in 27 issues.

    The Yazz was a blue-skinned, winged alien that served as the technician on board the OVERMASTER's Earth-orbiting Refuge, and continued this service when it was taken over by the Justice League as their new headquarters.

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    Like many of those imprisoned on the Overmaster's Refuge ship, Yazz is apparently one of the last of their race.

    Story Arc

    With a sardonic and sunny disposition, Yazz served as the various Justice Leagues' concierge in the period after Judgment Day. Flash was continuously vexed by Yazz's refusal to reveal their sex, or indeed, whether Yazz's race has sexes at all.

    Yazz appears in a monument to fallen Leaguers erected by the Martian Manhunter in 52 #24.


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