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    Jaguar Goddess of the Amazon, Ya'Wara is protector of the rainforests and their inhabitants.

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    At some point in the past she came across Aquaman and the Others, and joined them for a time. She is apparently from South America.


    Ya'Wara first appeared in 2012's Aquaman #7. She was created by writer Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis

    Major Story Arcs

    Along with the rest of the Others, Ya'Wara first appeared in the second story arc of the New 52 Aquaman series. In this story, the team is reunited by Aquaman to combat Black Manta, who has been tracking down and collecting the seven relics of Atlantis.

    A Choice of Evil

    For more information see: Aquaman Annual #1

    While stopping some loggers from destroying a chunk of the Amazon rainforest, Ya'Wara is called by Aquaman to aid him in returning Vostok-X's mask. After arguing with Mother Earth, Ya'Wara answers the call and after learning the mask was stolen by Madame Xan, Ya'Wara teleports the team to Hong Kong. But Madame Xan is ready for them and teleports them else where and separates them.

    Ya'Wara finds herself back in the Amazon but it is destroyed and Madame Xan appears to her as Mother Earth, but Ya'Wara sees threw the illusion. Madame Xan then offers her a deal, work with her and after she defeats the Others, she will help Ya'Wara save all the rainforests.

    Ya'Wara takes her up on the deal and back stabs the Others during their battle with Morgaine Le Fey. This causes The Operative to attack Ya'Wara and hold her at bay till the battle is over and Morgaine is defeated. Then before Aquaman returns to the group Ya'Wara teleports away, stating she is quitting the Others because they could never trust her again.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jaguar goddess

    It was revealed in Justice League #14 that Ya'Wara was the Jaguar goddess of the Amazon. She has the ability to control jaguars and other feral cats.

    Skilled warrior

    Ya'Wara was raised in the Amazon by the spirits of the jungle in order to be their protector. She is a very skill and agile fighter, especially with her twin daggers.

    Weaponry & Equipment

    Atlantean Globe

    The Globe is one of the seven Atlantean relics crafted by the first king of Atlantis. It is potentially indestructible, like all the other relics, and it has the ability to teleport the user and whomever they wish to any location on the globe.

    It appears that the user does not need to have seen the place, the exact limits of the teleportation are yet to be revealed.

    Twin daggers

    She always carries with her two twin daggers.


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