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Not much is known about Yavana except legend. She is a half sister of Morrigan, raised to be a vessel for flemes her mother, to escape this fate she fleid to Tellari Swamps. She made home and her myth spread even to Antiva becoming known as the Beast of the Tellari Swamps.


Yavana is a Dark Horse Comic character, she first appeared in Dragon Age: The Silent Grove series. Yavana is created by writer David Gaiderand illustrator Chad Hardin.

She appears in the third issue released in 2012. The Dragon Age franchise is created by video game developers created by BioWare.

Major Story Arcs

One of the Witches of the Wilds, Yavana somewhat assists Varric, Isabela and Alistair, when they search for her in her swamps. They seek her out, as Alistair wishes to know and learn more of his father, and he hears from an inmate at Velabanchel that at some point, The Beast of the Tellari Swamps rescued his father from the prison. The three warriors set out to Yavana's known location, the Tellari Swamps, but instead of finding Yavana, they find a mighty high dragon. They battle the beast but appear outmatched until it inexplicably pauses and seems calm. Yavana has arrived and pacified it, and then she takes her guests attention and converses with them.

As Verric and Isebela find Yavana again, under the premise she will aid them free Alistair. she aids them with the understanding they will kill Claudio Valisti who is with is men looking for the Silent Grove. Yavana gives cryptic and questions why she should help them rescue Alistair. She heals Isabela and Varric of all their wounds, much to their surprise, and tells them to prepare for the upcoming attack.

Jump ahead Yavana is no where to be found as Isabela attacks Claudio and kills him. Suddenly Yavana appears before the three. She Reanimates Claudio's deceased body, the four learn of his master, before heading back to the Silent Grove.

Only allowing Alistair to enter, Yavana tells Alistair of the purpose of the Silent Grove. A safe haven for Dragons, but atlas a place where the majority of the dragons, including the most powerful were still hidden deep in slumber. These majestic creatures dormant Yavana had wished to awaken them and she required Alistair's blood to do so. Rather than play the pawn to her schemes Alistair impales the witch with his sword, seemingly leaving her dead.

Powers and Abilities

A powerful witch, she has shapeshifting abilities, as well as her standard magical abilities. She can pacify and sooth dragons, and high dragons. She can levitate, fly, and use powerful arcane and elemental magic to command nature and its various elements. Yavana can manipulate and control vine like growths that can trap and ensnare her targets. Yavana possesses healing abilities.


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