Yasutora Sado

    Character » Yasutora Sado appears in 222 issues.

    Yasutora "Chad" Sado is a classmate of Ichigo Kurosaki who gains immense spiritual powers during the series. He is usually kind of quiet and actually serves as the calm voice of the group.

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    General Information

    • Birthdate: April 7
    • Hair: Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Height: 6'5"
    • Weight: 247 lbs

    Yasutaro "Chad" Sado is one of the main characters in the Bleach Manga series.

    When Sado is first seen in the Bleach he is sitting with some of the other students from his and Ichigo's class.

    Sado is a very friendly and respectful person despite his appearance.

    Sado is a very powerful person, he even catches a steel I- Beam on his shoulders in his first appearance, who puts his well being on the line to protect others.

    Sado had the disadvantage of being a target to bullies when he was younger, many attacking him because of his size and appearance.

    Sado met Ichigo shortly after moving back to Japan, and earns his nick name Chad when Ichigo pronounces his name wrong.


    Yasutaro Sado is a very tall and powerful looking teenager, he looks a lot older than you would think he is.

    Throughout most of the series Chad wears his school uniform when he is seen, but sometimes he wears normal almost American Eagle looking clothes.

    Chad has a very tan complexion, and is thought to have at least one parent who was from Mexico.

    Chad has longer hair that hangs down over his face but no facial hair.

    On his left arm Chad has a snake wrapped around a heart with angel wings and the Italian words for Love and Death.

    When he activates his spiritual powers Chad's right and left arms become covered with sleeves, one for shielding himself and the other to attack others with.


    *Early Stories*

    Chad is first introduced in the Cursed Parakeet story where he is first seen hanging out with two of his friends in a construction zone.

    After being shown the parakeet a steel I- Beam is dropped on the three friends, luckily for them Chad is strong enough to catch the I- beam and walk away from the attack.

    The next morning Chad is late for school, showing up in time to remove a school bully who is trying to intimidate Ichigo because of his hair color.

    After tossing the bully across the school grounds Ichigo insists that Chad should be more careful because he doesn't realize his own strength.

    When questioned as to why he is late for school Chad explains that he was hit by a guy on a motorcycle and had to carry him to a hospital before he came to school because of how badly the other person was hurt.

    At that time Ichigo notices that the parakeet that talking to the teens was possessed by Shibata, a human spirit, but he doesn't tell Chad.

    Later that same day Ichigo hears a ruckus from the street outside of his families hospital and comes out to help deal with the car accident.

    When Ichigo sees that Chad is involved the accident he tries to help him.

    Chad leaves the hospital after refusing to put others in danger.

    As Chad continues to run with the parakeet he is confronted by Rukia Kuchiki.

    Chad tries to get Rukia leave him alone so that he can keep the Hollow that is using the parakeet as bait to draw in people with strong spiritual power.

    When Rukia explains what is happening to Chad they work together to fight the Hollow until Ichigo can show up to fight it.

    After the battle Chad promises the boy's spirit in the parakeet that when they meet on the other side he will carry him around like he did while he was a parakeet.

    *Spirits Are Amongst Us*

    While a popular T.V. show is shooting in their town Chad and the others all go to the taping to see it's star Don Kanonji.

    While watching the taping Chad and several of Ichigo's closest friends begin to hear and feel the pain of the spirit who has bound itself to the hospital.

    When Ichigo and Rukia are attacked by the security guards for crossing the safety barrier Chad jumps into the fight after Ichigo goes Soul Reaper.

    *Battle of the Rubicon- Right Arm of the Giant*

    When Uryu releases his hollow bait so that he can challenge Ichigo to a duel using Hollows as a point system one Hollow tries to attack Chad.

    Desperate to draw the Hollow away from his friends Chad gets it to chase him to a park that he though would be empty. When he arrives at the park Chad is mortified to see that Ichigo's little sister Karin and her friends are there playing soccer.

    Chad protects Karin from the Hollow and has to use her as his eyes since he can only make out a hazy outline.

    While fighting the Hollow Chad is knocked down and Karin's pleas for him to get up cause him to think back to when he was younger.

    It is here that Chad's desire to protect others over himself is revealed to the readers.

    When Chad was younger his grandfather explained to him that since he is taller, stronger, and handsome he needs to learn to control his urge to fight.

    Chad's grandfather asks him to grow up to protect others and to become a nice person.

    After the flashback Chad awakens and so do his spiritual powers.

    Chad's powers manifest as a sleeve that he can send burst of energy off of at his enemies.

    After the battle Chad collapse from the lack of power he has left from using his arm's attack.

    After asking Karin if she is alright Chad is kicked in the head and thinks to himself about how much Karin reminds him of Ichigo, shortly afterwards Kisuke Urahara takes Chad back to is store and asks him if Orihime and him would be willing to fight against Ichigo's enemies.

    *Soul Society Story Arc*

    After Ichigo and Uryu are defeated by Renji and Byakuya Kuchiki, Chad is recruited by Yoruichi to learn to use his powers properly so he can join the others in their infiltration of the Soul Society.

    After learning to use his powers on command Chad and the others join together and meet at Kisuke's store to begin their invasion.

    After passing through the gateway to get to the Soul Society the team is chased by a spirit entity that is suppose to clean the tunnel between the two worlds.

    When Uryu's cape is caught by the entity Chad tears his cape and then carries him, despite Uryu's not being injured.

    When the team reaches the outer cities of the Soul Society Chad tries to help Ichigo fight Jidanbo at the gates to the Soul Society's central city, but the giant overhears Chad and Orihime's plan and asks them who they are talking about.

    After the battle Chad runs into Shibata and carries him around while the others recuperate after their confrontation with Gin Ichimaru.

    After the team regroups and they head off to find Kukaku Shiba and an alternate route into the center of the Soul Society.

    After meeting with Kukaku the team are launched into the air and fly into the Soul Society, but are separated when their Spirit Sphere is shattered.

    Chad is separated from all the others and ends up having to fight by himself.

    Chad nearly catches up with Ichigo and Ganju Shiba when he destroys a wall, but is slowed by a group of the 11th Division.

    Chad defeats a large group of the 11th Division of the Gotei 13 in a single attack from his Right Arm of the Giant.

    Chad also defeats the third seat of the Gotei 13's 8th Division Tatsufasu Enjoji with only one hit.

    Chad's rampage through the Soul Society is finally brought to an end by the Captain of the 8th Division.

    Chad tries several times to hit Shunsui Kyoraku after trying to talk him down, but misses with each attack.

    Shunsui defeats Chad and sends him to the care of the 4th Division.

    While healing in the 4th Division's prison Chad finds himself with Uryu and Ganju.

    Chad and the others are sprung from prison by Kenpachi so that they can reunite with Ichigo at the execution grounds after his battle with Byakuya Kuchiki.

    After the battle Chad and the others learn of Suske Aizen's plan to get the Orb of Distortion, but are unable to help stop him from escaping to Hueco Mundo.


    When the team returns from the Soul Society they are met with two students who want to recruit Ichigo for the Vizards, humans who have the abilities of Soul Reapers and Hollows.

    Chad and the others are blown off by the two new students when they leave, but Chad stops the others from chasing after them since he felt they would be no match for the two.

    Shortly afterwards two Arrancar, Yammy and Ulquiorra Schiffer, arrive in the human world and begin to attack people in a park.

    Chad and Orihime show up to try and save the people in the park, but fail to stop them.

    During the fight Chad sacrifices his Right Arm of the Giant to try to stop Yammy, but only succeeds in distracting him until Ichigo shows up.

    After healing and battling more Arrancar Chad is almost killed again as another Arrancar D- Roy stabs him in the chest.

    After being healed Chad goes to Kisuke for training, but Urahara refuses to train him and instead has Renji Abarai train him so that he has more battle experience.

    After the training Chad's Right Arm of the Giant evolves to it's new power level.

    *Hueco Mundo*

    During the Hueco Mundo Story arc Chad joins Uryu, Ichigo, Renji, and Rukia in their invasion of the Hollow's world.

    Chad and Uryu first battle two Arrancar to prove that they are worthy of helping in their mission, taking on Iceringer and Demora.

    After struggling with Iceringer Chad decides that he would be better off fighting Demora and swaps adversaries with Uryu. After the two defeat the two Arrancar they split up to search for Orihime, who was kidnapped by Aisen.

    Chad ends up in battle with Gantenbein Mosqueda, a powerful Arrnacar, and struggles through the beginning of the battle.

    Chad's Right Arm evolves again he gets up to the same speed as Gantenbein, but Chad mentions that his Grandfather protects him while inhabiting his right arm.

    Chad then manifests his left arm's power, the Left Arm of the Devil.

    Chad demonstrates that his left arm is for attacking his opponents while his right is for protecting himself.

    Chad easily defeats Gantenbein after his final evolution and spares his life.

    Before Chad can leave another Arrancar appears and attacks Chad.

    Noitora brushes off Chad's first attack and then cuts his Right Arm of the Giant's shield half off.

    Chad is finally defeated by Telsa, another powerful Arrancar.

    Powers and Abilities

    *Right Arm of the Giant and Left Arm of the Devil*

    When Chad is protecting others he can manifest his spirit powers in either of his arms depending on what he is attempting to do.

    *Right Arm of the Giant*

    When Chad manifests his powers in his right hand his arm becomes covered with a black, white, and red sleeve.

    When he evolves his arm the pattern changes first, and later he loses his wing like appendages at the shoulder and gains a shield that has Hollow teeth at it's center. This arm was originally used mostly for energy blasts, but during battle in Hueco Mundo he eventually realizes that this arm was intended for defense and not attack.

    *Left Arm of the Devil*

    After his Right Arm of the Giant reaches it's third evolution Chad's left arm evolves too.

    With his Left Arm of the Devil Chad gains a sleeve that has the opposite color scheme as is Right Arm's original design. This is to reflect its opposite purpose to his left arm: his right arm is intended for attack, something that had previously been against his nature. Chad realizes in Hueco Mundo that he cannot be passive and only defend: to rescue Inoue he needed to take the offensive in battle, especially when alone.

    When his left arm manifests though Chad gains several spikes on his chest and shoulder instead of the wings that his right arm had.

    To attack with his Left Arm of the Devil Chad only has to punch his opponent and a gigantic skull looking energy ball is released on contact.

    Both of Chads arms are based on his desire to protect others and only when he wants them to manifest will the arms appear.

    Chad has an inhuman amount of strength and has demonstrated his power when he tore a tree pole out of the ground and used it as a club against a Hollow that was chasing him and Shibata.

    Chad's intelligence is demonstrated in the stories when the class ranking is posted and he is posted as 11 out of some three hundred students.

    Since Chad's powers manifest themselves as sleeves Chad has no weapons to attack with and relies on his abilities as a hand- to- hand fighter.

    When using his spirit powers Chad can sense other people's spirit powers and can even sense where Hollows are and hunt them down using his spirit sense.

    In the manga Chad's grandfather mentions that Chad will be singled out by some of the other people he meets in life because they are jealous of his size, strength, and looks. He is told by his grandfather that his size and strength are however not a tool to use for the benefit of others: rather they are a gift that should be used to help those he cares for. Chad's grandfather is thus a very important person in Chads development: many of his life philosophies and guidelines are passed down from his grandfather.


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