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    Yarael was a Quermian on the Jedi Council. He was skilled with a lightsaber, but chose to use the Force more instead.

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    Yarael has many abilities from the force that are unique. Yarael can cause an object to explode by focusing on it. This can end a lightsaber fight before it starts (Yarael explodes the enemy's lightsaber).

    Yarael is a master at performing the jedi mind trick to enemies and can cast false images into their mind to confuse them.

    Yarael Poof was a Quermian was discovered to be Force-sensitive on his native at birth by the doctors who delivered him. As a Quermian, his long legs, body and neck caused him to stand some three feet tall. Poof had an additional set of delicate arms and sensitive olfactory glands located in his hands. He had two brains, one inside his skull and the other in his chest cavity. He didn’t have a spinal column and he could contort his body in ways few other species couldn’t.

    The Acquisition Division of the Order on Coruscant was dispatched to take Poof to the academy in Galactic City. Poof entered into a clan passing through his classes until he graduated to become a Padawan.

    Poof passed the Trials of Knighthood and ascended to the rank of Jedi Knight. He studied the way of the Jedi Consular perfecting the art of Affect Mind. Poof was recognized by the High Council as a Master of the Jedi arts and raised in rank. Poof was so well respected by his peers that the High Council asked him to join its ranks. After a time he was given the honor of becoming one of the Council's five life-time members, given the choice of stepping down at any time or serving on the Council until his death.

    Master Poof was a gifted illusionist using the Force to project images into the minds of others. He could draw on the fears of others to frighten them, create dopplegängers of himself to fool an opponent or make himself appear invincible. He was famous for his telekinetic ability to trigger fires by manipulating the molecules of combustible.

    Poof was a talented swordsman but he preferred to negotiate peace rather than wield his lightsaber. Poof had a yellow crystal to power his blade, however, he switched to a sapphire crystal. He was a believer in the Galactic Republic's propensity for goodness and laid down his life to ensure protecting citizens, not only on Coruscant, but across the galaxy.

    Yarael Poof was a compassionate individual, a peaceful man, he often enjoyed playing tricks on people with his talent for Affect Mind. He warned students that altering someone's perception could be dangerous, even fatal, causing permanent consequences on those it was used on.

    Poof passed his knowledge on the Force to future generations of Knights as an instructor at the academy on Coruscant. Master Asli Krimsan immortalized one of Poof's lectures in a holocron. Poof took a skilled Ithorian Initiate named Roron Corobb him as his Padawan. Corobb eventually passed the Council's Trials and was knighted.

    The pan-galactic Yinchorri Uprising broke out in the Yinchorri system 33 BBY. Master Poof was stationed at the Temple and like several of his fellow Councilors departed to quell the conflict. Poof, Masters Yoda and Rancisis were on the Temple's rooftop landing pad watching the teams departed.

    Days after, Yinchorri warriors infiltrated the Temple and attacked the High Council Tower's. Poof gathered with other Masters and Knights aiding and defeating the invaders. The conflict drew to a close and Master Poof joined several dozen Jedi to welcome the Jedi teams back to the Temple.

    Master Poof was a member of the Council when Master Qui-Gon Jinn returned from a mission to Naboo where he escaped the Trade Federation and fled to Tatooine. On the desert world he was attacked by a Zabrak Sith assassin who was trained with a lightsaber and in the use of the Force. In addition, Jinn presented a boy named Anakin Skywalker.

    Master Poof, Master Seasee Tiin and Jedi Quinlan Vos summoned Master Mace Windu to the Operations Planning Center in the High Council Tower, for a holoconference with Sheyf Tinté Vos of the Kiffu Guardians. The Sheyf asked Jedi Vos to be sent to investigate a disturbance on the prison world of Kiffex. Tiin feared that Vos would stray farther towards the dark side of the Force. Master Poof was concerned with the strained relations between the Order and the Guardians. Weighing both Masters' opinions, Master Windu voted to send Vos to confront the darkness growing on the world.

    Poof's finest hour came 27 BBY when a chain of events started with a crisis in a meeting of the High Council. A radical Annoo-dat General named Ashaar Khorda was planning to strike Alderaan, Corellia or Coruscant. Khorda obtained an ancient artifact from the planet Seylott capable to destroy an entire planet.

    Master Oppo Rancisis went to Corellia, Eeth Koth to Alderaan and Master safeguarded Coruscant. Khorda planned on using the the statue of Infant of Shaa as his weapon of mass destruction, so Master Poof suggested to have the task of protecting the galactic capital. Rhe full Council agreed on Poof's proposal. When he was reaching the artifact's Force-signature, Poof saw a young boy being harassed by a gang of hoodlums. He helped the boy by creating an apparition of a fearsome rancor to scare off the gang.

    When Poof was in Coruscant's central power generator he met Khorda who was clutching a carved object, Poof sensed it was the source of the disturbance in the Force. Poof and demanded Khorda and his followers to surrender. At the same time Zam Wessel and Jango Fett demanded the statue be turned over to them. Poof and the two bounty hunters defeated the band of terrorists. Poof gained control of the volatile artifact but Khorda leaped up and plunged a vibroblade through his heart. The bounty hunters killed the terrorist and Poof withdrew the blade to collapse on the platform. Poof used the Force to fuse the device's energies back to a neutral state. This effort was too much for the Jedi and died saving trillions of Coruscanti and the device returned on Seylott.

    Master Poof's body was returned to the Jedi Temple where he received his final rites.

    The High Council and several other Jedi attended to the small funeral held within the Temple's pyre room. Knights Loo Raelo, Kindee Ya and Vinian Ska also presided over the cremation of their fellow.

    Following Poof's death the remaining members of the High Council were charged with replacing the life-time member of the august body. Because of

    With the increasing tensions between the Galactic Senate and the Separatists, the Council replaced Poof with Coleman Trebor, a skilled orator and the appointed voice of the High Council.

    Besides Poof in the Jedi Order there was 4 more Quermian but he was the senior one.


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